Fleshlight Masturbators for Men

What Is A Fleshlight?

In short a Fleshlight is a masturbatory aid that is designed to resemble a flash light, and as such are often referred to as ‘sex torches’. These male masturbators were originally designed and patented by Steve Shubin in Austin, Texas in 1998. Today they are one of the best selling male sex toys.

Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex Male Masturbator

About Fleshlight Male Sex Toys

Fleshlight is an adult toy brand responsible for creating a variety of men’s masturbators. The Fleshlight product was initially created by Steve Shubin. The name of the product comes from the casing, which resembles an oversized flashlight and the material in the inner sleeve, which is very flesh-like in texture and gives that real human feel. This is one of the reasons the product is one of the world’s best-selling male masturbation accessories.

The inner sleeve of the Fleshlight is available in a variety of shapes. Depending on your preference, you can order for one designed to look and feel like a vulva, mouth, or anus. You can even have one customised to replicate an orifice of your fantasy girl/guy or a sexual partner. To give it a truly realistic look, you can also get a Fleshlight that replicates your preferred ethnicity skin colour.

Nicole Aniston Fleshlight Sex Toy with Inner Tunnel

The Fleshlight’s Realistic Appearance

The realistic appearance of the Fleshlight is one of its main attractions, especially since you can have one built to specification. The exterior design comes in the form of a vagina, mouth or anus moulded directly from a human.

If you prefer, you can have one moulded from the vagina, anus or mouth of your favourite porn star or celebrity. Nikki Benz, Eva Lovia, Riley Reid, Anikka Albrite, Kendra Sunderland, and Romi Rain, are some of the celebrity porn stars with Fleshlights ordered for in their likeness.

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Artificial Vagina

With a Fleshlight built to your specifications or even just a regular one, you can have the pleasures of sexual intercourse at your convenience with far less the risk of sexually transmitted disease.

What is Cyberskin?

Cyberskin is what the inner sleeve of a Fleshlight is made of. The material consists of various safe elements which come together to create a texture that is truly human like. As a thermoplastic, Cyberskin easily warms during friction making for a more enjoyable penetration. It has the elasticity of human flesh and is sensual to the touch regardless if using your finger or your shaft.

Fleshlight Destroya Texture

For lubrication and a more enjoyable sexual experience, it is recommended that only water-based lubricants be used with a Fleshlight. This is because Cyberskin doesn’t respond well to oil-based or silicone lubricants. Cyberskin is also phthalate free and non-toxic which makes Fleshlight’s one of the safest men’s masturbators on the market.

Anatomy of the Fleshlight Case and Inner Sleeve

The Fleshlight mainly consists of two parts placed together. These are the case and sleeve. The case typically consists of a plastic material that makes for an easy grip as well as handling which allows you to comfortably use the pleasure device as an artificial vagina or artificial anus. 

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

The case possesses a cap at the top of the sex toy which can be closed or opened. There is another cap on the opposite end which can be removed to control the masturbator’s level of suction and pleasure.

The sleeve is on the inside of the case and is designed to fully engulf and stimulate the whole length of your shaft 360 degrees around. You can order for a Fleshlight with a sleeve texture that matches your unique tastes. This includes the shape of the opening, be it as a clitoris, anus, or even vampire mouth. The top selling Fleshlight is the Lady Stamina Training Unit.

Cheap Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Bundle

From a purely sensation perspective, the Fleshlight feels incredibly soft and supple, accurately replicating the sensation of penetrative sex when properly lubricated and warmed. There might be no perfect substitute for the caress of a real woman but many have claimed the convenience and amazing inner textures of the Fleshlight make it better than the real thing. You would probably feel this way too especially if you opted for the vibrating variation of the Fleshlight which truly enhances sexual stimulation and the orgasm experience.

Who is the Fleshlight for?

As a male sex toy, the Fleshlight is meant for men of all sexual orientations and ages looking for a lifelike sexual experience that replicates anal sex, vaginal sex, or even oral sex. It is a one size fits all sex toy that can take a penis up to 10″ long and 7″ wide. Regardless how slim or thick your shaft, you are guaranteed a snug and comfortable penetration with full sensation.

Fleshlight GO Size Comparison

The Fleshlight is portable and concealable making it an ideal travel partner and sturdy male masturbation device. For a more satisfying orgasm with a Fleshlight, take advantage of the following tips:

Warm the Fleshlight sleeve to desired temperature in warm water and properly lubricate before use.

There are a number of positions which you can use the Fleshlight for optimal fun. This includes:

Lying on your back and penetrating the Fleshlight with up and down strokes over your shaft.

Placing the Fleshlight under or between pillows and penetrating it as if in the missionary position

For a hands-free experience, you can purchase the Fleshlight Shower Mount

When using the Fleshlight, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to the possibilities for pleasure