Fetish Sex Toys

You may have heard about vibrators, dildos, or male masturbators, but the world of sex toys has so much more to offer than your standard adult toys everyone has heard of. Fetish sex toys provide a whole new world of stimulation and sexual pleasure that you may not have known about. Below we briefly outline some more information about fetish sex toys, and some examples of different types that you may be interested in.

Although Fetish Sex Toys have the word ‘Fetish’ in the description, they do not necessarily associate with any type of ‘fetish’. More often than not fetish sex toys are in fact toys that are slightly different from your standard or well known adult toys. Fetish sex toys often refer to different types of bondage gear, or BDSM toys. Bondage equipment is a very popular type of fetish sex toy and are also incredibly popular couples sex toys. This is mainly because the majority of bondage gear requires two partners. 

Below are some different types of fetish sex toys with a brief bit of information about them:

Loving Joy Under the Mattress Restraint System – £24.95

Under the Mattress Restraint KitThis is a great fetish sex toy, and also a very popular couples sex toy. This under the mattress restraint set allows you to quickly and effectively restrain your partner to your bed. This is technically a piece of bondage equipment, but is also frequently referred to as a fetish toy.

It is great fun for couples who want to explore the world of light bondage. The kit includes four cuffs, two ankle, and two wrist restraints. It is made from a sturdy material that will last. It is also an incredibly comfortable kit that is lightly padded, making it perfect for beginners. The cuffs themselves feature secure Velcro straps, making it very easy to restrain, and quickly release your partner.

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Bound to Please Nipple Clamps and Chain – £9.95

Bound to Please Nipple Clamps with ChainNipple clamps are said to be some of the most underrated types of sex toys for women available. The tweezer clamps are designed to be secured to the wearers nipple. With them you are able to select the pressure that is applied to nipples. Nipple clamps are designed to draw blood to the nipples, which increases their sensitivity. By increasing the tightness of the clamp the nipple will become even more sensitive. This means that the user will feel the touch of their partner even more.

The Bound to Please Nipple Clamps are some of our most popular clamps as they are perfect for beginners as well as experienced users. These nipple clamps also feature a metal chain which brushes against the skin, delivering even more sensations to the wearer. 

Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device – £38.95

Male Chastity DeviceMale chastity is an incredibly popular part of BDSM. Many people wear chastity devices to control and prevent access to the genitals. Wearing a cock cage like this one can build up anticipation in men, leading to an even better release. Chastity devices create a power exchange dynamic which also adds to the excitement, as one person is usually in charge of the key to the device, meaning that they control when the cock cage is taken off. Using chastity devices can lead to increased sexual satisfaction, enhanced imagination as well as demonstrating commitment.

The Impound Spiral is a great male chastity device or fetish sex toy. This male cock cage comes with three different sized base rings which allows for you to comfortably find a size that works for you. It also comes with a padlock and three keys for security. Many of our customers have commented saying that they have found this male cock cage comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. Making this a great cock cage for both beginners and experienced chastity players.

If you are interested in male chastity and would like more information about it then take a look at our guide to male chastity.

Bound to Please Through Hole Penis Plug – £12.95

Penis PlugPenis plugs, also known as prince’s wands, are a type of penis jewelry which is designed to be inserted into the urethra. Penis plugs are designed to slightly stretch the urethra, pressing on the nerve endings just behind your helmet, giving you sensations like no other. You can wear penis plugs whilst receiving a blow job or masturbating, an eventually will experience an orgasm like no other. This penis plug features a slim hollow shaft, so can be comfortably worn for long periods of time. It can also be urinated through, and even ejaculated through thanks to the hollow shaft.

The Bound to Please Penis Plug has been designed with beginners in mind, as it is slim and also short. This princes wand provides a pierced look without the permanent feature.

Bound Noir Nubuck Leather Spanking Paddle – £24.95

Bound Noir Leather Spanking PaddleSpanking paddles are great introductory sex toys into the bondage market. This is because many people have tried out a bit of spanking play, but have never used a piece of equipment that has been specifically designed for it.

This spanking paddle is a great fetish sex toy for those who have delved into the world of spanking before. This is because it features brass nodules that stick out of the paddle that deliver an even stronger thwack to the victim. It also features a large strike surface and a smooth side that guarantees a red cheek after each spank! This spanking paddle is ideal for over the knee or other short distance spanking play, so grab yours today and jump into some hardcore impact play!

ElectraStim Flick Stimulator Multi Pack – £159.95

Electrastim FlickElectro sex toys are an extremely popular fetish sex toy. ElextraStim lead the way in electro sex toys, manufacturing some of the most well known and popular electrostimulation toys available on the market.

Electrostimulation sex toys are great fun for foreplay and during sex. They work by passing a small or large electrical current through one partner to the next. This produces an incredible, tingling sensation that will drive you wild!

If you have any more questions on fetish sex toys then please feel free to contact us and one of our product experts will get back to you.