Butt Plugs for Men

Butt plugs are a type of anal sex toy that can be characterized by their tapered tip and flared base. The pointed tip allows for easy insertion of the anal toy, whilst the wide base helps to prevent the butt plug from fully entering the rectum.

There are many different types of butt plugs including beginners butt plugs, inflatable butt plugs, jeweled butt plugs, large butt plugs, tail butt plugs, and vibrating butt plugs. All the different types of butt plugs can also be used by men. 

If you would like a butt plug for men, but are not sure which is the best one, then take a look below at some of our best butt plugs for men.

Best Butt Plugs for Men

If you want a butt plugs, but don’t think that these are the right ones for you, then take a look at our full guide to the best butt plugs. Alternatively, if you think that these aren’t the male sex toys for you, then take a look at our best sex toys for men guide to help you choose another sex toy.

Why Do Men Use Butt Plugs?

Men use butt plugs because of the sensations that it gives them, in fact, it could be said that men are designed to enjoy anal penetration more than women. Men have a prostate gland in their rectum, which is also called the p-spot or male g-spot. The prostate gland is a very sensitive area that feels amazing when stoked.

Stimulating the prostate correctly can lead to men experiencing an orgasm, and even ejaculating during stimulation.

Wearing a curved butt plug or prostate massager can help to stimulate the prostate during solo masturbation sessions or even partnered play.

Using a butt plug doesn’t just help to stimulate the prostate, it also increases stimulation during standard orgasm. This is because when a man climaxes the anal muscles contract around the butt plug making the orgasm feel stronger and harder.

How To Use Butt Plugs for Men?

Male butt plugs are very easy to use, first off you need to buy a butt plug, which you can do from our online sex shop

Once you have received your butt plug, take it out of the box and give it a good old fashion clean! When cleaned apply some personal lubricant to the butt plug and your rectum. Once sufficiently lubricated gently push the butt plug into your rectum, letting your sphincter close around the neck at the base of the butt plug.

You can then pull the plug in and out of your anus, for stimulation, or masturbate with the butt plug in. You can combine your butt plugs with a male masturbator or male vibrator for an completely new masturbation experience.

How To Clean Butt Plugs for Men?

Butt plugs are very easy to clean and all you need to do is wash it with some warm water and soap, or even some specifically formulated sex toy cleaner.

Remember to always store your sex toys in a cool, dry place.

If you have any more questions on butt plugs for men then please feel free to contact us and one of the experts here at Sex Toys will get back to you as soon as possible!