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In 1999 the Bloodhound Gang expressed a desire to 'do it like they do on the Discovery Channel', and now thanks to furry tail butt plugs you can bring a bit of that animal excitement into your bedroom. But what is it that makes tail butt plugs so hot?

The saying goes that if something exists, there is porn of it. That's true of sexy animal fetishes as well as some of the more mainstream things like BDSM. Though ten or twenty years ago the idea of bringing the animal kingdom into your bedroom might have sounded left field, today more people are open to the idea that costume, role-play, and furry tail butt plugs aren't just for the sexually adventurous.

Why tail butt plugs?

My initial reaction to tail butt plugs wasn't exactly a sexual one: I just liked the idea of them. Having a butt-plug with an extension on so that it could be tugged gently during sex sounded like a pretty cool thing. It only became sexual when I saw pictures of other people wearing them. Naked women with little furry rabbit tails, or longer fox tails... well, they did something to me.

I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It's not the animal-esque nature of it that I find hot, it's more about the aesthetic. A furry tail butt plug highlights someone's bum, and makes them look more playful.

This link to playfulness isn't just my personal interpretation – there's a reason why so many of our playful sexy names have an animal twist. Kitten and pup, for instance, are frequently used as cute nicknames for submissives in the BDSM community, as well as in more involved scenes that include actual kitten and pup play – where people dress up like dogs and cats and revel in being playful, mischievous animals. Their 'handlers' look after them: taking them for walks, rubbing their bellies, and anything else that might work within the dynamic.

Fetish versus kink versus play

One of the things I like about the internet is that it allows me to learn about fetishes like this – read forum and blog posts from people who are into pet play, and really get a feel for why they enjoy the fetish. But you don't have to have a full-on fetish in order to indulge in a bit of animal play. Just as you don't need to own twenty-five different spanking implements and insist on being called 'Sir' if you want to try out some BDSM.

Furry tail butt plugs allow you to get a sense of the playful sexiness that's involved in pet play without having to jump in with both feet and commit to role-playing the whole thing.

Once I'd been introduced to tail butt plugs, and fantasised for a while about the idea of wearing one during sex, I raised it with my other half. Slightly nervous, in case he looked blankly at me or said 'I don't get it', I tentatively showed him a picture of a tail butt plug and asked: “how about it?”

I didn't quite anticipate the reaction it would get: a 'hell yes' so loud it probably woke the neighbours.

It turns out that for a long time he'd been stumbling across pictures of women wearing various tail butt plugs, and had similar feelings to me: that he wanted to try out something which seemed equal parts sexy and playful. So we got one. A fox-tail butt plug made from faux fur (because we don't want any actual animals to be harmed in the making of excellent orgasms).

How do you use a tail butt plug?

You use it in exactly the same way you would a normal butt plug, but if you're like me and my other half you might want to pause shortly after it's gone in to pose and take a few photographs. As someone who's not generally keen to see pictures of my own arse, I was amazed by how delightful it looked when dressed up with a furry fox tail. And when we shagged, he could tug gently on it to increase the sensation, all the while enjoying the view for himself. It was fantastic.

On to the boring practical stuff: the butt plug itself is made of metal so you can use it with silicone or water-based lube, and of course it has a flared base for safety (as all anal toys should have!).

Want to try it for yourself? All you need to do is pick the kind of tail butt plug that tickles your fancy.