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Married couples 'take it in turns' to win arguments

Instead of genuinely fighting wars of words about a subject in order to be the victor, parters who are married have been found to back down if they won the previous disagreement.

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Facebook & Twitter: The UK's favourite websites

It's good to talk - and this has been proven once again with Experian Hitwise's latest report which reveals that social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are the UK's favourite internet destinations.

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Relationships between attractive women and ordinary men destined to 'fail'?

Research has concluded that relationships where the female is considered more attractive than her male counterpart are more likely to fail.

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'Individualistic' weddings on the rise

Couples preparing to tie the knot this year want to organise the details themselves so as to have the individual touch.

That is according to Helen Webster, editor of Perfect Wedding magazine, who said that people are now looking into various different ways of coordinating their big day.

She added that Britons are organising varied activities such as renting out barns in the countryside to ensure that their weddings are unique.

"Recession aside, people are looking at putting their own individual stamp on their wedding day and they want to make it their own and put in those details that people will remember for months and years to come," Ms Webster concluded.

Earlier this month, Katie Price told the Press Association that she and new hubby Alex Reid are planning a second wedding.

Following on from her impromptu Las Vegas nuptials, the former glamour model intends to put together a 'DIY' ceremony this summer.

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Gay weddings 'usually private'

Ceremonies held to mark same-sex partnerships are usually kept small and intimate, it has been claimed.