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When it comes to vibrators, we've never had it so good...

Today we welcome back brilliant guest blogger Zak Jane Keir. She's here to talk to you about vibrators, and why we've never had it so good...

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Things I've learned from my vibrator mishaps...

Guest blog! The brilliant Zak Jane Keir is here to give you a run-down of some of her more hilarious vibrator mishaps. Read on to find out more, and why on Earth this post is illustrated with a picture of a pint...

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Special Offer: We provide the strawberries, you provide the cream!

For a limited time only, get your hands on this succulently sweet vibrator for only £10.00!

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In the spotlight: Oui Chéri & Fifi

Say bonjor to these two French beauties, exclusive to sextoys.co.uk!

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Become a sexual explorer!

This week you have the chance to become a sexual explorer with this amazing offer!

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Follow the white rabbit...

There's a great reason to be EGG-cited this Easter at sextoys.co.uk!

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A surprising new use for your vibrator

They say necessity is the mother of invention. When David Ley, a researcher at the University of Alberta in Canada, needed a way to improve actors and singers vocal abilities, he invented a whole new use for the common vibrator.

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150 orgasms but still a virgin!

Here at sextoys.co.uk we know all about toys and testing them! Our online community offers a testing scheme as well as members of our Vibe Forum reviewing for their own blogs, vlogs and sites. But nothing prepared us for the recent news of 20 year old Emma Richards who has reportedly had 150 orgasms (likely to be more now!) despite still being a VIRGIN!

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Enjoy sex: No wires attached

By far one of the best couple's toys we stock, the Lelo Tiani is stunning in many ways; form, function and packaging to say the least.