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​How To Do Valentine's Day Without Breaking The Bank

The problem with Valentine's Day is that it always falls halfway through the month, which means that if you're looking for last-minute gifts, payday seems a long way away. There are two ways to deal with this problem: first, be organised. Second, find bargains. I'm here to help you do both.

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Building the passion this Valentine's Day

Not long now - Valentine's Day is nearly upon us! And if you're still looking to create the perfect treat for your loved one, look no further than this guest blog by A Husband's Passion...

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Valentine's treats - for both of you

One of my bugbears about Valentines Day is that it's so often assumed that guys buy things for girls, while we women just sit back and rake in the roses and chocolates. Well, here's a gift guide with a selection for everyone...

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How to have the best single Valentine's Day

Today's guest blogger is HornyGeekGirl, and she's got some amazing Valentine's Day film, book, and sex toy recommendations. The best news? You don't have to share them with anyone but yourself...

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PANIC: It's The Valentine's Day Countdown

There's not long to go until February 14th - the day when you have to deliver some kind of romantic gesture for your loved one. I'd like to be one of those people who says it doesn't matter, but I seem to have fallen into a relationship in which both of us secretly like the idea of outdoing the other one when it comes to adorable gestures.

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iVillage Valentines giveaway sponsored by us!

For those who haven't seen via Facebook and Twitter already, this month iVillage have been giving away a sexy gift every day until Valentine's Day.

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Valentine's Day Romance

As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, I’m not particularly bothered about Valentine’s Day. However, I do love any excuse to be romantic and Valentine’s Day is good enough reason for me.

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A sexy Valentine's Day wish list

My partner and I don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day because, well, we shower each other with love MOST days. Also, our anniversary is just a couple of weeks later so we save our pressies and treats for that. However, I was having a look through some of the sexy and romantic things on offer here and just had to draw up a wish list. In fact, I’ve added these items to my wish list on the site. What will you put on yours?

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A romantic, sexy Valentine's Day treat - for one!

Valentine’s Day is typically a day for lovers to declare their love for one another and offer each other chocolates, flowers and other such gifts. That’s all really lovely, but what if you are single? Or your partner isn’t interested in Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine's Day texts get raunchy

Valentine's Day may be marketed as a romantic celebration of love, but for many people it's also an opportunity to spice things up.