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4 things you shouldn't ever put in your vagina (and one thing you should)

Have you heard of GOOP? It's a 'lifestyle brand' run by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow. And its been causing quite a stir recently – not for good reasons. It turns out that Gwyneth could do with a few lessons in what you should – and absolutely should NOT – put in your vagina.

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All the places you're not allowed to say 'vagina'

What's the most offensive word you can think of? Probably a C-bomb, right? But the 'V' word is getting a surprising amount of flak at the moment...

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Vagina Crafts: Woman Knits Scarf With Her Vulva

Knitting. The past time of Grandmas, crafters and WI members alike. It conjures up images of ill-fitting jumpers with long sleeves, odd-sized gloves, the clickity-clack of needles and complicated patterns. It certainly doesn't inspire visions of private parts that's for sure.

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Up close and personal - playing with see-through toys

Do you want to see something really cool? Like, phenomenally and unquestionably cool? Thought you might. This blog is about clear sex toys, and being able to watch someone orgasm in incredible sticky detail.

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Cool and unusual vagina art

Continuing my series on what I'll loosely term 'art as an excuse for perving on things', allow me to present three awesome art projects fully inspired by the beauty of the vagina. These links aren't safe for work, but if you work in an area that's vaguely creative, you can always claim 'artistic inspiration' if your boss is looking over your shoulder.

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Vagina Selfie: 3D Print Lands Japanese Artist in Hot Water

This week an artist from Japan was arrested on suspicion of breaking obscenity laws after sending 3D prints of her vagina to people!

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Close Shaves: Brazilians go out of fashion

In a culture so permeated and motivated by sexuality, it's sometimes easy to forget that sexuality is driven by its own aesthetics and developments. There's a tendency to see changes in sex as created solely by the wider culture outside of sex, as opposed to any movement from within.

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Comic Sex: Erotic Illustrations by Marion Fayolle

Sex and the naked body to some maybe even most, is still very much a private topic. Through her illustrated series of works, French Artist, Marion Fayolle seeks to challenge people's perceptions through playful scenes of mix-ed up body parts, erotically recontextualized with odd inanimate objects.

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What's in YOUR drawers?

Once, in my early twenties, I woke up in a bed I didn't recognise. In my early twenties, so this was a common occurrence. I vaguely remembered being put to bed by a friend after an evening (and morning) of idiocy. Everything else was eclipsed by a headache of such spite and savagery I feared my forehead was going to cave in. Someone had thoughtfully left a glass of water on the bedside table (probably - hopefully - the night before, and not several weeks ago). But I needed painkillers, or I was going to die. 

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Five Vaginas I have Enjoyed

When it comes to male masturbators I have tried a few, in fact I’ve tested a lot of them since I started reviewing sex toys, more years ago than I care to remember. That means I have a somewhat unique perspective on the ability of this kind of male sex toy to enhance the act of masturbation both for me and my partner.