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What's your sex toy style?

I'll admit it - I'm a price-conscious person (read: cheapskate) so one of the key factors when I'm buying sex toys is whether or not I feel I've bagged a bargain. But coming a close second is the sense of style - I'd rarely buy something that I don't feel 'fits' my personality - I want my toys goth-looking, hardcore, and scary. I promise it's not just me - I chatted to sex toy blogger Little Spoon to find out why style is just so sexy.

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PANIC: It's The Valentine's Day Countdown

There's not long to go until February 14th - the day when you have to deliver some kind of romantic gesture for your loved one. I'd like to be one of those people who says it doesn't matter, but I seem to have fallen into a relationship in which both of us secretly like the idea of outdoing the other one when it comes to adorable gestures.

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Great sex blogs - why we love Gritty Woman

When most people read sex blogs, their first thought is often 'wow, it must be cool to be given so many free sex toys - and all you have to do is write about them!' Which, if I'm honest, seems a perfectly reasonable thought. Until you see just how much hard work goes into reviewing All The Sex Toys, at which point I think even the most intrepid of perverts might say 'nah, you're alright, I'll just have a read of someone else's.'

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Five things a pervy girl wants to know about male sex toys

I like thinking about men having a wank. I can't help it – it is a quirk stamped so indelibly on my personality that to remove it would be to make me an utterly different person, like removing my sense of outrage or making me vote UKIP.

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Discreet sex toy jewellery

Okay, so we had to double take when we found these amazing creations...but they really are items of jewellery designed to be used as sex toys!

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Special Offer: We provide the strawberries, you provide the cream!

For a limited time only, get your hands on this succulently sweet vibrator for only £10.00!

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Become a sexual explorer!

This week you have the chance to become a sexual explorer with this amazing offer!

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Be a cheeky Monkey and save 25%!

If you're not already acquainted with this cheeky spanker than now's the best time to become introduce yourselves.