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Six different ways to use a wand massager

Because imagination plus wand massagers equals never wanting to leave the house again.

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A romantic, sexy Valentine's Day treat - for one!

Valentine’s Day is typically a day for lovers to declare their love for one another and offer each other chocolates, flowers and other such gifts. That’s all really lovely, but what if you are single? Or your partner isn’t interested in Valentine’s Day?

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Keep a tidy Toy Box

For those of us who have gradually built up a fine arsenal of sex toys it eventually gets to a point where keeping them in the top drawer of your nightstand is just impossible! Aside from proudly displaying them all over the house like space-age ornaments it is possible to organise your pleasure, in turn making sure you get the longest life-span out your toys. The best way to do this is to set aside a box, or more lovingly named by collectors as a “toy box”. Aside from chucking everything in there straight after use (a massive no no!) there are still important things to consider when packing your buddies off to bed:

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The Bedroom Department - Boudoir or Bombsite?

Sex, sex, sex! Everyone wants to do it, to get more, to enjoy it more, to add variety and spice, and the bedroom has to be where the majority of people have it. Whether you're in a long term relationship, exploring with a lover for the first time or simply enjoying fun for the night, the bedroom is usually where the action happens!

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Storage tips of a sex toy addict

Got a sticky mess in your bedroom? I mean your toys, obviously!

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Expert offers better sex life tips

A recent survey showed that 83 per cent of UK women are too tired to enjoy regular sex, so it's just as well that expert Dr Pam Spurr is on hand to offer some advice on how to spice things up.

Writing in the Sun newspaper, the author of How to be a Happy Human said there are a number of steps couples can take to put the spark back into their relationship.

First of all, forget foreplay and indulge in a little before-play to get you in the mood, she advised.

This could include anything from cuddles on the sofa and the doling out of compliments to a full-blown evening of candles, music and takeaway.

"Men respond to straight-talking so tell him that feeling appreciated and loved-up gets you in the mood for proper foreplay," Dr Spurr stated.

She also suggested having a sexy shower together or getting "rude with food" to add a little variety to your usual bedroom routine.

Finally, she recommended keeping a "pleasure pack" in the bedside cabinet containing everything from sex toys to massage oils and a blindfold.

Having everything to hand will ensure you're ready for action when the mood strikes.

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Sex tips from the British Lung Foundation

Enjoy sex but suffer with breathing difficulties? Then you might be interested in the advice being offered by the British Lung Foundation.

The charity has created a new leaflet offering support to people who experience breathing problems to help them make the most of their sex lives.

It points out that lung disease sufferers may worry about exerting themselves during sex in case they become too short of breath or need to cough up phlegm.

But it insists that living with breathing conditions does not mean you have to compromise on intimacy, as problems can be overcome.

The leaflet provides tips on sexual positions and advice on how to approach any concerns with a partner.

Suggestions include having sex when you feel rested and your breathing is at its best, possibly planning ahead and taking medication beforehand.

Avoiding sex after a heavy meal or alcohol is also recommended, and those who find they do become short of breath during intercourse should pause to take a few slow deep breaths from the diaphragm.

According to the British Lung Foundation, one person in every seven in the UK is affected by lung disease.

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John Bercow wrote book of sex tips

First his wife revealed details of her sexual exploits, now it has emerged that the speaker of the House of Commons himself has quite a colourful past.