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Off to a Flying Start - 5 Tips to Get Through Airport Security with Sex Toys

Summer is here, the temperature has already been in the high 20s prompting the UK to strip naked and head to the beach. The English Summer is not known for reliability or longevity, though, so, if you are among the lucky ones who are flying off to some far off exotic place this summer then read on. This two-part guide will prep you up with all the best advice – how to pack sex toys for air travel, the best products to take with you abroad and the best toys to spice things up when out and about.

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10 things you need in your bedroom now it's summer

Yep, we're calling it: it's officially summer. So here are 10 essential items to keep in your bedroom to help you stay cool - even while you're getting hot and steamy.

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How to have sex in the summer without drowning in sweat

Summer plus sex equals sweat, so here's some advice on the hottest three ways to cool it down.

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Between the sheets...in the heat!

For a large amount of us here in the UK it's been a scorcher the past couple of days and it's set to be a blinding weekend too! In preperation for the mini-heat wave that the met office are promising us (fingers crossed), here's a selection of products which will keep the flame of passion burning when all you'll want to do is turn a fan on!

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Tempting Tennis Treats

In celebration of Murray's historic win at Wimbledon, here at SexToys HQ we've picked our top tennis related treats, bound to satisfy sport fans everywhere.

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Sexy solutions for holiday naughtiness!

In her upcoming issue of US Vogue, Lady Gaga opened up about her holiday shenanigans. “I’m a complete free spirit, so, even though you don’t see it, I still find time to have sex at night on the beach when no one’s around. Or roll into a bar and get f***** up and dance with my top off.”