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The big secret about orgasms

I recently had the misfortune to read an article by a supposed sex educator that really shocked me. The author had met a woman who was telling her about her breast orgasms. The sex educator wasn’t aware that this was possible and even said that she found the idea of a woman orgasming without genital stimulation ‘perplexing’. I was astonished to hear this! A sex educator that thought the only route to orgasm was genital stimulation? Then I thought, well, if she doesn’t know, maybe there are lots of people who don’t know. So I’m going to share a little something with you…

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Rude Boys will love this!

This week we're giving the Rude Boys a discount on this Rocks Off prostate pleaser.

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An offer to get you glowing

Do you have a thing for piercings or even wondered what it's like to get a blow job from a girl with a lip ring? Then the Glow Stroker Pierced Lips masturbator can cure your curiosity as well as show you a good time!