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Sex toy sale roundup - what could you buy with these smoking hot savings?

For a limited time, there's a smoking hot 20% off everything at SexToys. What's that in real terms? Well, let's have a look at some of the best sex toys, and how much you can save if you bag them in the next couple of weeks...

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Getting nostalgic: what was your first ever sex toy?

What was your first ever sex toy? Sex blogger HornyGeekGirl takes an explicit trip down memory lane...

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Is this the weirdest sex ever?

As a massive perv, and all-round fan of filth, one of the first things I look for in any video game is a way to make the characters have sex. Imagine how delighted I was, then, that someone's found a way to make The Sims have what I can only describe as the weirdest sex ever. Check it out...

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Five things a pervy girl wants to know about male sex toys

I like thinking about men having a wank. I can't help it – it is a quirk stamped so indelibly on my personality that to remove it would be to make me an utterly different person, like removing my sense of outrage or making me vote UKIP.

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Follow the white rabbit...

There's a great reason to be EGG-cited this Easter at sextoys.co.uk!

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The best things in life ARE free!

If you happen to find yourself spending £40 or over at sextoys.co.uk this week you are in for a treat!

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Kerry Katona's sex toy public shame

I was just reading an article about the new Through the Keyhole telly program. Apparently the pilot episode has the show’s host, Keith Lemon, snooping around Kerry Katona’s house. It’s reported that he opened a drawer to find some sex toys. Rather than say something intelligent about a woman who is empowered enough to own sex toys or how fabulous that she has a love for sex, he apparently ‘makes a big meal of it’ and the audience falls apart laughing along with the panelists.

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Sextoys.co.uk seal their approval of SexToysBuzz.com

At Sextoys.co.uk we are very proud of our community and extended online social networking circles. We like to be surrounded by knowledgable, inspiring, forward-thinking individuals (and partnerships!) who really do us justice as a retailer and brand as well as themselves in the industry.

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7 Day Loving Joy Sale starts now!

With 30% OFF the entire Loving Joy range over the next 7 days...the already amazingly low prices are now EVEN LOWER! Can you resist?!

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150 orgasms but still a virgin!

Here at sextoys.co.uk we know all about toys and testing them! Our online community offers a testing scheme as well as members of our Vibe Forum reviewing for their own blogs, vlogs and sites. But nothing prepared us for the recent news of 20 year old Emma Richards who has reportedly had 150 orgasms (likely to be more now!) despite still being a VIRGIN!