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Three unique anal sex toys you may not have tried yet

Anal sex toys are one of my favourite things to collect. Not only is it handy to have a variety of different sizes and shapes of butt plug (because everyone's butt-related tolerance is different), but also because if guys are a little nervous or unsure about anal play, sometimes just showing them a rainbow of different anal toy possibilities gets them hot under the collar. Anal play isn't all giant dildos and fisting – despite some people's misconceptions that 'anal sex' equals 'extreme.' If it only ever meant hardcore stretching and pounding I'd probably never have fallen in love with anal play. As it is, lots of early encounters with smaller objects, vibrating anal toys, and lubed-up fingers ensured I fell in love with butt stuff and that love will last a lifetime.

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Building the passion this Valentine's Day

Not long now - Valentine's Day is nearly upon us! And if you're still looking to create the perfect treat for your loved one, look no further than this guest blog by A Husband's Passion...

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Booking your holidays for 2016? Some sexy suggestions...

Five awesome places to go on holiday if you really really want to see a sex museum.

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National Masturbation Month - go on, love yourself!

Celebrating National Masturbation Month with the most no-nonsense blog post ever.

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Sex toys and disability - what are the hottest accessible sex toys?

Disabled people have sex too, and there are a whole bunch of brilliant sex toys – from positioning products to vibrators – that can help you achieve exactly the kind of sex you want.

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Sex toys: does your partner love 'em or hate 'em?

A while ago we asked you for your thoughts on partners and sex toy use - does your partner like you using toys? Do you share them with each other during sex? Or are they purely a solo thing for you? Get answering!

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Five sexy New Year's Resolutions

What was your 2014 like? Brilliant? Mediocre? So bad you actually resent me asking this question because you were hoping to wipe it from your mind? Well, the good thing is that it's drawing to a close, so it's a great chance to take stock of the past year and resolve to make the next one even better.

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Freshly Squeezed: Minna Life Arrives

Buttons. They're useful for TV remotes, perhaps even doing up your shirt, but let's face it, in a perfect world, our sex toys would be 100% better without fumbling, fiddly buttons! Well someone sat up on the cloud of Sex Toys Heaven has heard our prayers, as Minna Life, a San Francisco start-up who are "..dedicated to creating well-designed, high quality sexual health products."

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Connecting Couples...Via Wi-Fi!

With the rise of the digital age I think we can all agree that we are all definitely more 'connected'. Whilst this is a great thing, it also has been to the detriment of our physical contact, spending more time staring at a phone screen than at each other.

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Lock up your guns...and sex toys!

In America, owning a gun is almost more popular than owning a sex toy! Obviously one can do more damage than the other but in the hands of children, neither are a good idea!