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The Getaway Selection - Top 5

Everybody wants to enjoy their summer break, but how do you make it extra special?

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Get into the Mood this Christmas

This Christmas, get your loved one into the Mood...or more precisely the Mood Sensuous from Doc Johnson.

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Don't give up on oral sex

I was chatting with a group of friends recently and as usually happens, the conversation turned to sex. This time we were particularly talking about oral sex and I was surprised to learn that most of the women present had given up on receiving it because they rarely, if ever, orgasmed that way. I thought that was a real shame since there’s lots of pleasure and intimacy to be had that way, even if it doesn’t result in orgasm.

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Em does 'Kink' - Feature series with Ohh My...

I've been thrust into the world of Kink this month as I embark on writing a series features for our sexually educated friends at Ohh My... They have tasked me with researching and writing (whilst adding in my own experiences and opinions) a series that will travel the Kink and Fetish spectrum. These articles will be educational, eye-opening and suggestive and will make for a great read on your tea break at work! Why not leave the article open on your computer for your lover to 'accidentally' read?

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Have your partner begging for more...

Here’s a simple yet seductive way to get your partner to beg you to touch them, fuck them, and generally ravish them. Treat them to some sensual and erotic touch, all over their body APART from their genitals. Imagine a wide circle around their genitals that includes their lower belly, hips and tops of their thighs and leave that part out – for now.

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A very different D/s experience

I am lucky enough to have a dear friend that is very experienced on the kink scene, in particular as a Dom. He lives it 24/7 in a committed triad relationship. We have played together, off and on, for the last couple of years. What usually happens is that he and his partner co-top my partner and me. We have had some mind-blowing, out of this world, ecstatic experiences together. Most of these have involved a good deal of flogging, caning, and other forms of impact play.

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My Christmas Wishlist

"All I want for Christmas is you"... It’s all well and good saying that, but it’s not really the truth is it? If it was, no one of us would ever get any presents, we’d just be sat there in a sulk, present-less, with our partners watching the EastEnders Christmas special. The festive season is a time for giving, and receiving – it’s also a time when we can make a few demands about what we really want. As kids we’d all write out a list to Santa (i.e. our parents) and promise that we’d been good all year. Sadly, once you discover that Father Christmas is really dad, or mum, dressed in a beard and red suit you stop writing out lists… but I’m bringing the Christmas list back, adult-style, and I suggest you do the same with your partner - it’ll certainly make emptying Santa’s sack a lot more fun (boom boom!). So here we go…