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BDSM basics on a budget

This week's guest blog is from the lovely CarnalQueen - who's here to talk about BDSM basics on a tight budget. Even if your wallet's running low, you can still fill your toybox...

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The year 2015 in sex toy reviews

It's so nearly Christmas. If we weren't having unseasonably mild weather (read: rain) then you'd almost be able to smell the snow. So I thought it would be fun to give you a bit of last-minute gift inspiration via some of the great reviews of SexToys products in 2015.

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How to have sex in the summer without drowning in sweat

Summer plus sex equals sweat, so here's some advice on the hottest three ways to cool it down.

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50 Shades of Grey - how to be more fun than Christian

If you loved the 50 Shades of Grey book, this has probably been a bit of an irritating week for you. Here's some stuff to cheer you up.

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To flavour or not to flavour: the lube debate

Flavoured or unflavoured? When you're getting wet and sticky with someone do you go for the no-nonsense unflavoured lube, or something a bit fruitier?

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Rock Out: BDSM Pony Girl Rocker by Peter Jakubik

For some of us the humble rocking horse is a distant memory from our childhood, hours of endless fun with no power-supply needed. Often crafted from wood, you'd expect to see one in the corner of a child's bedroom...until now!

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Between the sheets...in the heat!

For a large amount of us here in the UK it's been a scorcher the past couple of days and it's set to be a blinding weekend too! In preperation for the mini-heat wave that the met office are promising us (fingers crossed), here's a selection of products which will keep the flame of passion burning when all you'll want to do is turn a fan on!

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Autumn is here...

As Autumn starts to creep in with its demand for thicker jumpers and a coat when you step out the front door, it's of no surprise that we're already trading in picnics in the park with soup in our pyjamas.

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The A-Z of Sex, 'N'

This week brings us to 'N' in our A-Z of Sex...