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NEW: Tenga Air-Tech Cups

Tenga have been making magnificently wonderful wank products for a few years now, so they know what they're talking about when it comes to male masturbation. And as one of our top selling male products, you clearly know what all the fuss is about too!

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Lonely? Do more than hug your pillow at night!

We've all been there. Alone, in bed, with no one to hold...or kiss. Well now loneliness (and passionate snogs) are no longer an issue. No need to secure a date for the night, just add the 'Make-Out Practice Pillow' for a match made in heaven!

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Five Vaginas I have Enjoyed

When it comes to male masturbators I have tried a few, in fact I’ve tested a lot of them since I started reviewing sex toys, more years ago than I care to remember. That means I have a somewhat unique perspective on the ability of this kind of male sex toy to enhance the act of masturbation both for me and my partner.

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Nothin' to be ashamed of

It’s a stage you go through, as a young man. You’re worried you’re tossing off too much. It’s a fact of being a teenager. Wanking is grubby, dirty, embarrassing. If you were born in earlier parts of the last century, you might have been told it would send you to Hell. Or make you go blind. If this were the 19th century, you’d fret it’d turn you into a delinquent, a criminal, a deviant.

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May is National Masturbation Month!

Ok, it’s actually National Masturbation Month in America, but we can definitely jump on their bandwagon!

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