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Can you orgasm just by sniffing this one weird thing...?

If ever anything deserved a clickbait title, it's this. When someone in the pub told me that there was a mushroom that could give me an orgasm, my initial reaction was to tell him that even if someone's got a fairly short penis, calling it a mushroom might be a bit harsh. Thing is, he meant an actual mushroom.

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The power of the prostate (and why you should make the most of it)

If you've got a prostate but you've never quite used it to its full potential, I'm here to give you an eager run-down of why prostate massage is so awesome, and how to get started.

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Why Do We Kiss?

We all love a good smooch right? We're not talking the sloppy kind from Aunt Agnes, we mean the passionate kind! But why do we do it?

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Born Slippy: What Is Nuru Massage?

There's a new craze in town...and it's NOT loom bands! Introducing Nuru massage, the best thing to come out of Japan since your last vibrator! We've just added the Mr Nori's Magic Gel range which provides everything you need to get downright slippy with this new, erotic massage that you have to try to believe!

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The Getaway Selection - Top 5

Everybody wants to enjoy their summer break, but how do you make it extra special?

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Become a sexual explorer!

This week you have the chance to become a sexual explorer with this amazing offer!

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Valentine's Day Romance

As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, I’m not particularly bothered about Valentine’s Day. However, I do love any excuse to be romantic and Valentine’s Day is good enough reason for me.

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A sexy Valentine's Day wish list

My partner and I don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day because, well, we shower each other with love MOST days. Also, our anniversary is just a couple of weeks later so we save our pressies and treats for that. However, I was having a look through some of the sexy and romantic things on offer here and just had to draw up a wish list. In fact, I’ve added these items to my wish list on the site. What will you put on yours?

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The importance of touch

Touch is absolutely essential for us humans to thrive. Science has proven this over and over again, and let’s face it, we just know it intuitively anyway.We need a good regular dose of some form of touch, not necessarily sexual, in order to be healthy, grounded and sane.

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Erotic lucky dip

As the autumn weather brings chillier evenings, here’s a fun thing to do with your partner: create an erotic ‘lucky dip’! You can get as creative as you like with this. One way to do this would be for each of you to write down 10 things that you’d like to give or receive sexually on separate bits of paper. They could be really simple like, ‘Blowjob’, or ‘Breast massage’, or more elaborate like, ‘I’d like to be bathed romantically and then tucked into bed while you use my vibrator on me’ or ‘I’d like to tie you to a chair and flog you’. Fold each bit up and put all the slips of paper into a hat or jar. Mix them up and pull one out. If either of you has any big objections then pull out a new one. Keep going until you find one you’re both up for and then have some sexy fun!