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Off to a Flying Start - 5 Tips to Get Through Airport Security with Sex Toys

Summer is here, the temperature has already been in the high 20s prompting the UK to strip naked and head to the beach. The English Summer is not known for reliability or longevity, though, so, if you are among the lucky ones who are flying off to some far off exotic place this summer then read on. This two-part guide will prep you up with all the best advice – how to pack sex toys for air travel, the best products to take with you abroad and the best toys to spice things up when out and about.

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This masturbation technique totally sucks...

I know of a few gentlemen who, in a misguided attempt to recreate the exquisite sensation of a blow job, have accidentally ended up in painful or embarrassing situations. If you want a wank that really sucks (in a good way), avoid making their mistakes, and get something that'll do the job properly...

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​Everything you need to know about Tenga eggs before Easter

Easter isn't just about Creme Eggs, you know, it is also an opportunity to get your hands on some Tenga eggs, which are far more intriguing - albeit less delicious when you stick your tongue inside. Because Tenga is one of my lifelong loves, I wanted to give you the lowdown on an Easter gift that is way more fun than anything Cadbury could dream up...

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Get a free male masturbator (and make the most of it!)

Did you know that right now you can get a free Pearl Palm Pleasure Masturbator? Here's how to get yours, and a few tips on making the most of it!

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I'm a bloke. Which male sex toy should I start off with?

If you're a guy heading out on your first adventures with sex toys, allow this week's guest blogger - JustIndecerous - to guide you on your way...

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NEW: Tenga Air-Tech Cups

Tenga have been making magnificently wonderful wank products for a few years now, so they know what they're talking about when it comes to male masturbation. And as one of our top selling male products, you clearly know what all the fuss is about too!

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Are You A Tosser?

It's that time of year again, a day where eating pancakes with wild abandon is officially allowed, and encouraged! However if pancakes aren't your bag (are you weird?), this day might seem obsolete somewhat. FEAR NOT! We've got something for all the utter tossers out there, HUGE savings on selected masturbators for one.day.only.....just like the pancakes!

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Three reasons male sex toy reviewer Incendiaire is amazing

I love reading men who write sex toy reviews. Why? Well, because like many amateur perverts, the idea of gentlemen masturbating makes me even hornier than actual masturbation. Moreover, as a lazy bastard, it is my life's mission to discover a toy that allows me to give men mind-blowing hand jobs without pulling muscles in my biceps.

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Hot Octopuss Present: The Evolution of Masturbation

By now you will have hopefully seen or even own the Pulse by vibrant new pleasure brand Hot Octopuss. Well, still sticking with their gritty, urban yet sophisticated style but adding a good old dollop of sense of humour, their latest viral video campaign is bound to have you giggling at your desk or on your commute!

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Tempt and Tease with this Tenga Offer

Want to insert yourself into a new realm of pleasure? The Tenga Flip Hole is the only way to go!