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Off to a Flying Start - 5 Tips to Get Through Airport Security with Sex Toys

Summer is here, the temperature has already been in the high 20s prompting the UK to strip naked and head to the beach. The English Summer is not known for reliability or longevity, though, so, if you are among the lucky ones who are flying off to some far off exotic place this summer then read on. This two-part guide will prep you up with all the best advice – how to pack sex toys for air travel, the best products to take with you abroad and the best toys to spice things up when out and about.

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Everything you need to know about Sliquid lube

Choosing a lube is like choosing a bar of chocolate: you know you definitely want something, but dammit all the options look so good it's impossible to decide on just one. Sliquid lube is exactly like this, because there are so many different varieties, all of which look equally excellent. But don't panic – I am here to talk you through some of the options, so you can make sure you get the right one for you.

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Sex in space: we solve the problems so NASA doesn't have to

It's rare that I get to do sex and science fiction in the same blog post, but this week the opportunity came hurtling straight out of the sky, like the asteroid in Armageddon. A top scientist has warned that NASA needs to study sex in space as a matter of urgency, and I am happy to volunteer my services...

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3 different kinds of sexy surprise - and how to pull them off

What makes the perfect sexy surprise? Timing is definitely key – you don't want to surprise someone with a romantic, candlelit bedroom if they got home from work so tired they just want to fall asleep. Nor do you want to send a saucy snap when they're in the middle of a family outing.

On top of timing, you've got to pick something that they'll actually like: the most surprising sexy gifts have to be ones that speak to their fantasies as well as yours. It can be tricky. But feel free to learn from my occasional successes and all-too-frequent mistakes: here's my guide on sexy surprises.

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Can you orgasm just by sniffing this one weird thing...?

If ever anything deserved a clickbait title, it's this. When someone in the pub told me that there was a mushroom that could give me an orgasm, my initial reaction was to tell him that even if someone's got a fairly short penis, calling it a mushroom might be a bit harsh. Thing is, he meant an actual mushroom.

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How long is your average shag?

Are you a fan of the quickie, or do you want to take your time over it? You might be surprised by the length of the average shag...

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How to have sex in the summer without drowning in sweat

Summer plus sex equals sweat, so here's some advice on the hottest three ways to cool it down.

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Sex in the shower just got way easier

Some people like to live life on the edge. Whether it's bunjy jumping, go-kart racing, or the kind of sex that my own clumsy self would be far too wobbly to contemplate. If you're someone who likes to indulge in shower-based sex, then the whole thing just got a bit easier.

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Sex toys and disability - what are the hottest accessible sex toys?

Disabled people have sex too, and there are a whole bunch of brilliant sex toys – from positioning products to vibrators – that can help you achieve exactly the kind of sex you want.

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Sod size - does *speed* matter?

When you read problem pages and sex advice online, the issue of cock size comes up all the time. Likewise the question of just how swift a guy's orgasm has to be to count as 'premature.' But surely there's no 'magic number' for either of these things?