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3 different kinds of sexy surprise - and how to pull them off

What makes the perfect sexy surprise? Timing is definitely key – you don't want to surprise someone with a romantic, candlelit bedroom if they got home from work so tired they just want to fall asleep. Nor do you want to send a saucy snap when they're in the middle of a family outing.

On top of timing, you've got to pick something that they'll actually like: the most surprising sexy gifts have to be ones that speak to their fantasies as well as yours. It can be tricky. But feel free to learn from my occasional successes and all-too-frequent mistakes: here's my guide on sexy surprises.

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Leg Avenue Arrives

Someone's got their leg through the door, and it's covered in seductive fishnet...Introducing Leg Avenue, the American-based lingerie brand has landed on our shores and website!

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Stressful Times Call For Killer Curves

With the ups and downs of everyday life, men want something to hold onto.

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Buying Lingerie for Her - A Guide

And yes, we mean really for her, not just for you! Buying lingerie can be a veritable minefield of mistakes waiting to be made, whether the wrong size is bought, the wrong colour for her or simply an unflattering shape on her figure.

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Valentine's Day Gifts on a Budget

It's the time of year when everyone is thinking about the season of romance. Valentine's Day will be upon us sooner than you think! Even if money is tight, it doesn't mean you have to skimp on buying your loved one a thoughtful gift this Valentine's Day.