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Why Do We Kiss?

We all love a good smooch right? We're not talking the sloppy kind from Aunt Agnes, we mean the passionate kind! But why do we do it?

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Lonely? Do more than hug your pillow at night!

We've all been there. Alone, in bed, with no one to hold...or kiss. Well now loneliness (and passionate snogs) are no longer an issue. No need to secure a date for the night, just add the 'Make-Out Practice Pillow' for a match made in heaven!

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National Kissing Day

For over 10 years we have been celebrating one of our favourite days in the calendar...National Kissing Day! Every June 19th, we put on our best lippy and pucker up for a big smooch!

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The A-Z of Sex, 'K'

This week we get the pleasure of ‘K’ and what better way to start than with a bit of kissing…

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Get kissing!

Lots of articles and even books have been written about kissing. It’s a wonderful, intimate thing to do with the right person. You might remember that Julia Robert’s character famously refused to kiss her clients in Pretty Woman because it was considered too intimate?

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Erotic kisses that will have 'em begging for more...

There’s nothing like a great bit of kissing to get you aroused and raring to go. Whether you intend to move on to sex or not, hot, intimate kisses are delightful just on their own. One way to make kissing super erotic and steamy is to tempt and tease each other with your lips and breath. Bring your mouths close together but don’t let them touch just yet. Get close enough to feel each other’s hot breath and then let your lips brush against your partner’s lips. Take a moment to look deep into your partner’s eyes. The slower you go the more erotic and sensual it will feel. Gently rub lips on lips and even on cheeks, allowing the occasional sexy sigh or moan to pass by your lover’s ear. Tease your partner with your lips and tongue for as long as you dare. Allow the tension to build up before you move on to more passionate kissing. Even then, occasionally return to the teasing kisses just to keep the energy alive and passionate!

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International Kissing Day - 6/7/12

International Kissing Day takes place on 6 July in the UK. However, the day has now been adopted worldwide and is also known as 'National Kissing Day' or 'Kissing Day'.

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First shoes mean more to women than first kiss

When it comes to first times, it seems shoe shopping is a more memorable experience for women than kissing.

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Adam Lambert's gay kiss causes complaints

A gay kiss that took place at the American Music Awards has sparked complaints in the US.