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Furry tail butt plugs are my new obsession...

In 1999 the Bloodhound Gang expressed a desire to 'do it like they do on the Discovery Channel', and now thanks to furry tail butt plugs you can bring a bit of that animal excitement into your bedroom. But what is it that makes tail butt plugs so hot?

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Sex news: fisting volleyball, new sex toys and sexy robots

Friends, sex toy fans, countrymen: I'm delighted to be back at the Sex Toys blog. After a brief hiatus, I'm returning to bring you your fix of great sex toy deals, weird sex news, and gossip you won't find elsewhere. So arm yourself with a giant bottle of lube and a healthy dollop of curiosity, and let's get stuck in to some of the sex news that happened while this blog was on a break.

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Sex toy highlights from the last three years

Regular readers will know that I've been blogging here for SexToys.co.uk for nearly three years now. It's been sexy, emotional, and incredibly fun. As I wave goodbye, here are some of my personal highlights.

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BDSM basics on a budget

This week's guest blog is from the lovely CarnalQueen - who's here to talk about BDSM basics on a tight budget. Even if your wallet's running low, you can still fill your toybox...

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4 reasons why you should subscribe to a sex blog

This week saw the release of the latest top 100 sex blogs list. So to salute the fabulous guys and girls who share their sexy stories and wisdom, we thought we'd give you a few reasons to go and subscribe to a new sex blog...

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The Great British Sex Survey - what did you think?

The results are in for Channel 4's Great British Sex Survey. I'm here to give you the lowdown on some of the top fetishes listed in the programme - and where to buy the kit!

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Do you really need to test BDSM equipment on yourself?

Guest blogger Zak Jane Keir does not mince her words. For this we love her. Today, she's stopping by to call bullshit on a fairly common BDSM idea...

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People who had a worse Christmas than you...

How was your Christmas? If you had a mediocre, or even a boring one, we've got a bit of Scaudenfreude and a hell of a great deal to cheer you up...

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Gagging for it – what's the best kind of ball gag?

I've been wanting to write a post about gags for ages. Not just because it is a running joke in my household that it'd be really sexy if a particular someone swore a ball gag through episodes of The Apprentice so they didn't talk over the top of it. No, it's because ball gags (and other gags – we'll come to those) are one of the staples of a lot of my fantasies, and I feel like they need a bit more love.

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Stuck for a Halloween costume? We've got you covered (or uncovered)

It was a dark and stormy night. The wind whistled through the treetops like the clamouring of lost souls. From a crumbling cottage nestled somewhere on a dark hill, came a piercing, soul-shattering shriek... someone had forgotten to get a Halloween costume, and there was a party next weekend.