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The A-Z of Sex, 'I'

Icicles glass dildos – This is an amazing range of dildos! Made of super smooth glass, they come in different shapes and sizes so you can find just the right one (or more!) to tickle your fancy. My personal favourite is the Flower Curve G-Spot dildo. It’s beautiful, sturdy, deliciously smooth and oh so pleasurable! There’s several different textured ones as well as a funky tentacle one and one with glass rose on the end. Which one is your favourite?

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The A-Z of Sex, 'G'

Glass – Mmmm, glass dildos and butt plugs - yum! Being made of glass makes these sexy toys super smooth. With only a little bit of lube they slide right in for all kinds of pleasure! Run them under hot or cold water for added sensations. If you haven’t tried a glass dildo or glass butt plug, do it now! You’ll be so glad you did.

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Time to Reflect: Allure Glass Wand Special Offer

This week's Tuesday Offer brings you the Allure. One of the stunningly designed pieces from the Doc Johnson, Reflections range.

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Put it on Ice: Top products for Summer heat

As we all know, the weather across England has been lovely....lovely and HOT!

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Cool down and shimmer for Summer - Tuesday Offer

I am so pleased to be able to run a special offer on a stunning product such as this at more than half price off!!

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Temperature play provides hot passion and thrilling chills

Temperature play is a fantastic way to introduce some new sensations in the bedroom that will be welcome year round!

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