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SCORE product while the World Cup is on!

You've got the latest kit on, your car is adorned in your team's accessories, you've set the Sky box to record and you've cleared your social calendar for the next month. This can only mean one thing...the World Cup has started!

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Christmas 'come' early at Sextoys.co.uk

Wow, another year has flown by again and before you know it, you're wolfing down minced pies and shopping frantically for your loved ones and lovers!

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Present and correct: sex toys for Christmas

I just saw my first Christmas advert. Halloween's barely even past, but already the world is gearing up for gift giving. I actually like choosing gifts, but I'm chronically lazy, so I tend to do most of my shopping over the internet. My ideal present is something personal, useful and unusual, that arrives right at my front door. So what better to give that special someone than a sex toy!

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The Crown Jewels: Sextoys.co.uk stock Diamond Tipped Condoms

Diamonds are a girls best friend, at least for the woman who wants her man to cum into money!

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The best things in life ARE free!

If you happen to find yourself spending £40 or over at sextoys.co.uk this week you are in for a treat!

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A romantic, sexy Valentine's Day treat - for one!

Valentine’s Day is typically a day for lovers to declare their love for one another and offer each other chocolates, flowers and other such gifts. That’s all really lovely, but what if you are single? Or your partner isn’t interested in Valentine’s Day?

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Friday's Offer: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Looking for a gift for that special someone in your life that will bring a sparkle to their eye? The Just for You Diamond Bling Vibe is that special gift that keeps on giving long after you do!