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Getting nostalgic: what was your first ever sex toy?

What was your first ever sex toy? Sex blogger HornyGeekGirl takes an explicit trip down memory lane...

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Squirting - something interesting is going on

In case you missed the recent headlines, a rather controversial study has been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which claims that female ejaculate is actually just urine. The sex blogging community has been up in arms over the claims, and we can totally see why.

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Become a sexual explorer!

This week you have the chance to become a sexual explorer with this amazing offer!

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The A-Z of Sex, 'G'

Glass – Mmmm, glass dildos and butt plugs - yum! Being made of glass makes these sexy toys super smooth. With only a little bit of lube they slide right in for all kinds of pleasure! Run them under hot or cold water for added sensations. If you haven’t tried a glass dildo or glass butt plug, do it now! You’ll be so glad you did.

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A Bathtime Buddy who's always willing to please...

Get wet and wild with this fantastic offer. The Water Willy Stubby is one of the cheeky bathtime chaps from the Loving Joy Bathtime Buddies range and he's only £10.00 for a limited time only. (RRP £21.49)

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Sale on Sutra: Vibe Therapy for less

This beautifully packaged, silicone vibe from the Vibe Therapy range is the perfect accompaniment to any steamy love-making session or for some steamy solo play.

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Friday Offer: Pleasure of Grandiose Proportion

Vibe Therapy's Grandiose is a rabbit style vibrator which looks almost aquatic in its design influence, with its wave-like shaft coming to a break at the point of the clitoral massager.

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