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Things I've learned from my vibrator mishaps...

Guest blog! The brilliant Zak Jane Keir is here to give you a run-down of some of her more hilarious vibrator mishaps. Read on to find out more, and why on Earth this post is illustrated with a picture of a pint...

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One for the ladies - Which toy for me?!

This week, Suzanne from the wonderfully insightful SextoysBuzz has listed her top picks for the discerning pleasure-seeker.

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Summer Holiday Exposé

Get some fun in the sun with a holiday from heaven!

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The Getaway Selection - Top 5

Everybody wants to enjoy their summer break, but how do you make it extra special?

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Pucker Up for International Kissing Day - Top 5 Oral Treats!

With International Kissing Day coming up this Saturday 6th July, here at sextoys.co.uk HQ we've been busy picking our Top 5 tasty oral treats - guaranteed to give you a day to remember.