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The iPhone 6 Plus will kill your sex life

There's a gigantic horny elephant in the room, and no one is mentioning it, so I thought I should be the one to  get on my soapbox and preach the Truth: the iPhone 6 Plus is bad for your sex life. Why? Allow me to explain.

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Guys and Dolls

Sometimes your opinions on something are so complicated that it's impossible to come to any kind of definite conclusion. Instead of falling on one side – or even just off the centre – of an argument you find yourself circling the middle of an issue, looping around it like a moth round a desk lamp.

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Nothin' to be ashamed of

It’s a stage you go through, as a young man. You’re worried you’re tossing off too much. It’s a fact of being a teenager. Wanking is grubby, dirty, embarrassing. If you were born in earlier parts of the last century, you might have been told it would send you to Hell. Or make you go blind. If this were the 19th century, you’d fret it’d turn you into a delinquent, a criminal, a deviant.

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Investing in your Orgasms

As we enter 2013, now's the time to make some changes....for the better.

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This Tuesday's Offer is a Stroke of genius

If you're already the happy owner of a Fleshlight, then it just got a serious upgrade!

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An offer that's PURE delight

Heard about how amazing Fleshlights are and want to finally take the plunge? Well now is the time, for only £40.00 (RRP £66.99) you can experience the sensational feeling that only a Fleshlight (or a real woman) can give!

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Digital Love - Fleshlight Vstroker Exclusive

We have been in suspense for the past week at HQ knowing that we had an Exclusive ready to release!