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Furry tail butt plugs are my new obsession...

In 1999 the Bloodhound Gang expressed a desire to 'do it like they do on the Discovery Channel', and now thanks to furry tail butt plugs you can bring a bit of that animal excitement into your bedroom. But what is it that makes tail butt plugs so hot?

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Four things you learn as a first time Dom

Just as you don't expect to be Casanova the day after you lose your virginity, so you can't expect to be a master of BDSM the second you pick up a whip. Our guest blogger today is the brilliant Alex Roberts - and he's here to talk to you about his experience of being a first time Dom.

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The Great British Sex Survey - what did you think?

The results are in for Channel 4's Great British Sex Survey. I'm here to give you the lowdown on some of the top fetishes listed in the programme - and where to buy the kit!

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Do you really need to test BDSM equipment on yourself?

Guest blogger Zak Jane Keir does not mince her words. For this we love her. Today, she's stopping by to call bullshit on a fairly common BDSM idea...

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That guy who shagged a postbox? He's got competition

"Clearly there are issues that need to be addressed," stated defending council in the case of Paul Bennett, who was recently caught attempting to have sex with a postbox. But when it comes to shagging unusual things, he's certainly not alone.

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Kinky Kickstarters and Crowdfunded Cane Strokes

Ever since that guy made $55,000 crowdfunding a potato salad on Kickstarter, I have wanted to write about crowdfunding campaigns. And now that there's a hot BDSM-themed one, I have the perfect excuse.

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Locked, inspected, and spanked in rubber - Happy International Fetish Day

I've just spotted that it's International Fetish Day, so let's grab a cup of coffee, take a break from whatever boring real-life stuff we're doing, and take a moment to celebrate three unusual, filthy-hot fetishes.

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Fetish fitness - would you work harder with a dominatrix gym instructor?

There may be leads, and barked orders, but fetish fitness is certainly no walk in the park. An LA-based dominatrix has launched BDSM 'fitness classes' to help submissives get into shape. And they sound like SO MUCH FUN.

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A little help with your Christmas wish list...

As is tradition, it's that time of the year when I start to make a Christmas list. When I was a kid, I'd do this via the medium of 'circling things in the Argos catalogue' and strategically leaving it where my Mum would find it. These days, I'm a more technologically sophisticated adult, so I do it by 'bookmarking sex toys on my partner's computer and hoping he takes the hint.

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Guys and Dolls

Sometimes your opinions on something are so complicated that it's impossible to come to any kind of definite conclusion. Instead of falling on one side – or even just off the centre – of an argument you find yourself circling the middle of an issue, looping around it like a moth round a desk lamp.