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Happy New Year!!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers, friends and family a VERY Happy New Year.

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Mario Falcone - Sexting for Self Esteem?

Reality television star Mario Falcone has admitted to ‘sexting’ other girls to boost his ego!

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International Kissing Day - 6/7/12

International Kissing Day takes place on 6 July in the UK. However, the day has now been adopted worldwide and is also known as 'National Kissing Day' or 'Kissing Day'.

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Sucker for a competition - Facebook Exclusive!!

We are excited to be running an exclusive mini-comp for Facebook followers only!

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Facebook & Twitter: The UK's favourite websites

It's good to talk - and this has been proven once again with Experian Hitwise's latest report which reveals that social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are the UK's favourite internet destinations.