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Born Slippy: What Is Nuru Massage?

There's a new craze in town...and it's NOT loom bands! Introducing Nuru massage, the best thing to come out of Japan since your last vibrator! We've just added the Mr Nori's Magic Gel range which provides everything you need to get downright slippy with this new, erotic massage that you have to try to believe!

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Dix Steele: Dirty in Digital

If you're a lover of erotica, bondage and art, artist Dix Steele has a treat in store for you!

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Comic Sex: Erotic Illustrations by Marion Fayolle

Sex and the naked body to some maybe even most, is still very much a private topic. Through her illustrated series of works, French Artist, Marion Fayolle seeks to challenge people's perceptions through playful scenes of mix-ed up body parts, erotically recontextualized with odd inanimate objects.

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Crude Cross Stitch: Porn by Numbers

When you think of cross stitching, usually images of elderly women, sat about peering through magnifying lenses to create intricate pictures of flowers or postcard scenes comes to mind...definitely NOT porn.

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Sex for medicinal purposes

Are you feeling the winter blues? Have the cold, dark nights got you down? Is your energy flagging? Well, here’s something that will pick you right up, warm your cockles, invigorate you and make you feel fantastic…

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Literary ‘Bad Sex Awards’ shortlist announced

Are you a seasoned fan of erotic literature? Ever read a sex scene and cringed at how poorly it was executed? Well finally those terrible prose are highlighted in 'Bad Sex Awards' for authors who can't get it quite right.

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National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day so I thought I’d share a couple of my favourite erotic poems with you. Would love to know what some of yours are. Why not have a go at writing some erotic poetry and then come share them on our forum?

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Erotic lucky dip

As the autumn weather brings chillier evenings, here’s a fun thing to do with your partner: create an erotic ‘lucky dip’! You can get as creative as you like with this. One way to do this would be for each of you to write down 10 things that you’d like to give or receive sexually on separate bits of paper. They could be really simple like, ‘Blowjob’, or ‘Breast massage’, or more elaborate like, ‘I’d like to be bathed romantically and then tucked into bed while you use my vibrator on me’ or ‘I’d like to tie you to a chair and flog you’. Fold each bit up and put all the slips of paper into a hat or jar. Mix them up and pull one out. If either of you has any big objections then pull out a new one. Keep going until you find one you’re both up for and then have some sexy fun!

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Erotic kisses that will have 'em begging for more...

There’s nothing like a great bit of kissing to get you aroused and raring to go. Whether you intend to move on to sex or not, hot, intimate kisses are delightful just on their own. One way to make kissing super erotic and steamy is to tempt and tease each other with your lips and breath. Bring your mouths close together but don’t let them touch just yet. Get close enough to feel each other’s hot breath and then let your lips brush against your partner’s lips. Take a moment to look deep into your partner’s eyes. The slower you go the more erotic and sensual it will feel. Gently rub lips on lips and even on cheeks, allowing the occasional sexy sigh or moan to pass by your lover’s ear. Tease your partner with your lips and tongue for as long as you dare. Allow the tension to build up before you move on to more passionate kissing. Even then, occasionally return to the teasing kisses just to keep the energy alive and passionate!

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The Bedroom Department - Boudoir or Bombsite?

Sex, sex, sex! Everyone wants to do it, to get more, to enjoy it more, to add variety and spice, and the bedroom has to be where the majority of people have it. Whether you're in a long term relationship, exploring with a lover for the first time or simply enjoying fun for the night, the bedroom is usually where the action happens!