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The dangers of DIY sex toys

Take a look around you. Wherever you are - bedroom, office, supermarket, chances are if there's something in the room that's cock-shaped, at some point someone will have tried to fuck it (or something very like it, at any rate).

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Your dick is beautiful (now f**k yourself)

Beautiful, aren't they? Penises. The sheer mesmerising beauty of a nice solid cock has my eyes glazing over. If I stare at one for too long I'm liable to start drooling. What is it about the cock that's so attractive? Why do people think they're funny? And most importantly - how can you capture the hotness of this for your own devious and perverted ends? Read on, for I have all the answers.

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The A-Z of Sex, 'J'

There doesn’t seem to be many J’s in the sexual world so this week is short and sweet. Let me know if you think of any I may have missed.

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Weekly round up

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Now's the time to start thinking seriously about what to get your loved ones for the big festive occasion. We have so many gift ideas that we know you're going to love, as well as amazing money saving offers on all the best adult products.

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Why use sex toy cleaner?

Why use sex toy cleaner when soap is just as good, right? Wrong!

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Temperature play provides hot passion and thrilling chills

Temperature play is a fantastic way to introduce some new sensations in the bedroom that will be welcome year round!

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Brand new Lunch Boxxx toy storage!

Toy box a complete mess? Vibrators stuck together? Can't find your favourite lube or that last packet of batteries?

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Spring Clean your Sex Toys Collection!

It's officially Spring - which has got to mean Spring cleaning!