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Rock Out: BDSM Pony Girl Rocker by Peter Jakubik

For some of us the humble rocking horse is a distant memory from our childhood, hours of endless fun with no power-supply needed. Often crafted from wood, you'd expect to see one in the corner of a child's bedroom...until now!

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Tantric Pop Art: The Works of Julian Murphy

Forget about the Pop Art you once knew, Lichtenstein with his crying women and Warhol with his cans of soup...it's all about Tantric Pop Art!

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Baby Got Back: Clothes Made From Sex Dolls

Forget packing a rain mac for your next trip out in the British weather, try wearing a sex doll instead!

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Discreet sex toy jewellery

Okay, so we had to double take when we found these amazing creations...but they really are items of jewellery designed to be used as sex toys!

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Barbie plays dress up...in Latex!

Most would see Barbie as quite the Vanilla kinda gal. Wearing pretty pink dresses, rarely seen in black and in no way coupled with anything from the kink spectrum (although her ample cleavage and tight dresses are somewhat questionable!), we were quite taken aback when we saw these pictures of our childhood friend tightly clad in latex!