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Cook up some Pan-cocks!

With just under a week until Shrove Tuesday (better known as Pancake Day), we're already excited about the thought of tucking in to scrummy pancakes with all kinds of toppings possible!

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Get some proper 'me time' this mothers day: mum's save 25%

With Mother's Day fast approaching, it's the perfect excuse to indulge. Let's face it, the rest of the year, you're busy being superwoman!

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iVillage Valentines giveaway sponsored by us!

For those who haven't seen via Facebook and Twitter already, this month iVillage have been giving away a sexy gift every day until Valentine's Day.

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Have sex during the day to beat post-coital sleepiness

For years women have been wondering why their men can't stay awake long enough to enjoy a chat or even a cuddle after sex.

Scientists have sought to explain the phenomenon in physiological terms, telling us that when a man climaxes, a cocktail of hormones is released, some of which are linked to sleep and relaxation, causing him to konk out.

It may be nothing personal, but it can still leave a woman feeling frustrated and unappreciated when their partner drifts off immediately after intercourse.

To solve the problem and ensure you enjoy some post-coital canoodling, sexpert Rowan Pelling recommends having sex away from the bedroom or in the middle of the day.

"Try making love downstairs, or in the bathroom with a full bath already run – then it makes absolute sense that you'd bathe together languidly and chat," she states.

Enjoying a bit of nookie during the day or in less predictable places could also help couples in long-term relationships keep the passion alive and prevent sex from becoming too routine.

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Valentine's Day texts get raunchy

Valentine's Day may be marketed as a romantic celebration of love, but for many people it's also an opportunity to spice things up.

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Kinky Kiwis prefer Valentine's Day sex toys over flowers

Things will be getting pretty hot Down Under this Valentine's Day if the results of a new survey are anything to go by.

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UK couples to spend £5bn this Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, men and women across the UK will be planning special evenings with their partners.

According to a new survey by Yorkshire Bank, it could be a costly affair, with couples planning to spend almost £5 billion collectively on their other halves.

The average amount spent per couple will be £550, although it will be women who fork out the biggest amount.

While guys plan to pay for dinner, wine and flowers, girls intend to spend money on new outfits, haircuts and beauty treatments to make sure they look their best for their partner.

That's not to say that all couples will be splashing the cash this Valentine's Day, as some men are simply planning to rent a DVD and buy a takeaway for their lady.

Of course there is one way that couples can enjoy a Valentine's Day to remember without breaking the bank.

They could simply log onto sextoys.co.uk and purchase a few gadgets that will ensure their evening is buzzing.

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Give her a thrill this Valentine's Day

Sex toys brand Lelo is urging men to skip the roses this Valentine's Day and treat their partner to a gift that keeps on giving.

The company claimed that guys can't fail to impress with the Lelo Mona erotic massager, which is sleek, mid-sized vibrator with curves in all the right places.

After a two-hour charge, this nifty toy will deliver four hours of discreet vibrations, making it perfect for a naughty night in.

And with six modes of stimulation, it will provide some welcome variety, catering for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

"Mona is ideal for individuals and couples wishing to take their sensuality that little bit further," Lelo insisted.

The Mona massager could be the perfect gift for those hoping to take the advice of erotic author Miranda Forbes and indulge their partner's sexual fantasies this Valentine's Day.

But if the Mona doesn't appeal, there are a range of other products in the Lelo range, including the Lily, the Iris and Gigi.

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JLS singer offered sex five times a day

Aston Merrygold from boy band JLS has claimed that he gets offered sex at least five times a day by his adoring fans.

The singer, who appeared on the TV talent show the X Factor with his band mates Marvin, JB and Ortise, said he's always getting propositioned.

And his friends agreed that girls literally throw themselves at him.

Marvin remarked: "If I had to say which one of us gets the most action, I'd go with Aston - he definitely gets the most attention from our fans."

But Aston said he rarely acts on their advances as he doesn't want to end up as the subject of a kiss and tell story.

"You can't go near 99 per cent of them," he lamented.

Aston may be a hit with the group's fans, but it was Marvin who caught the eye of pop superstar Rihanna recently.

According to the Sun, the Umbrella singer was overheard saying she "really fancies" him and wouldn't mind going on a date with the boy band member.