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Anything that has a Pulse...

Here at Sextoys.co.uk, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the game. So when our PR gal, Em met Adam (the man behind the Pulse at Hot Octopuss), at an Afterglow Arthouse event last year, she knew then that he had a great idea in his hands that needed to be seen in the market....and quickly!

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The Getaway Selection - Top 5

Everybody wants to enjoy their summer break, but how do you make it extra special?

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Be a cheeky Monkey and save 25%!

If you're not already acquainted with this cheeky spanker than now's the best time to become introduce yourselves.

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Enjoy sex: No wires attached

By far one of the best couple's toys we stock, the Lelo Tiani is stunning in many ways; form, function and packaging to say the least.

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It takes two to tango: Talking partners round to sex toys

Quite often at Sextoys.co.uk I'm met with questions from quizzical husbands to curious lady-friends asking how and what to use in the bedroom together.

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Clock tower sex couple urged to reveal themselves

An amorous couple in Australia have been pictured getting sexy on a balcony at Sydney's clock tower.

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Couple caught in the act on a market stall

A teenage couple were so desperate to get their hands on one another that they ended up having sex on a fruit and veg stall.

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Couple taken to court over noisy sex sessions

A UK couple have been taken to court after neighbours complained about the noise they made during sex.