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Which type of condom should you buy?

Not sure whether to go for ribbed, dotted, or standard condoms? We've got you covered.

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Warning: this blog contains a man dressed as a giant penis

Some weeks I scour the internet for ages in search of weird sex news to bring you. Other weeks, like this one, the sexy internet Gods smile upon me and deliver a plethora of unusual stories and fun sex stuff. Here are the top three...

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Sod size - does *speed* matter?

When you read problem pages and sex advice online, the issue of cock size comes up all the time. Likewise the question of just how swift a guy's orgasm has to be to count as 'premature.' But surely there's no 'magic number' for either of these things?

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Creative Californians

Los Angeles is usually thought of as the city of sunny weather, gorgeous beaches and beautiful people. It has also, over the last couple of years, seen a huge rise in STD’s. Recently it became law in Los Angeles that porn stars have to wear condoms on film. About time too!

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Cabbages and Condoms

How cool is this? A restaurant is giving out contraceptive advice! After huge success in Thailand, Cabbages and Condoms has opened a branch in Bicester, near Oxford.

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Like warm apple pie: Skins Condoms launch American Pie Comp

The lovely guys at Skins have launched an exclusive competition for their customers which could see them not only having safer sex but in the legendary land-of-lay, Ibiza!!

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Give head for good health!

Oral sex is now proven to not only aid a healthy relationship, but also brings good health to women!