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Freshly Squeezed: Minna Life Arrives

Buttons. They're useful for TV remotes, perhaps even doing up your shirt, but let's face it, in a perfect world, our sex toys would be 100% better without fumbling, fiddly buttons! Well someone sat up on the cloud of Sex Toys Heaven has heard our prayers, as Minna Life, a San Francisco start-up who are "..dedicated to creating well-designed, high quality sexual health products."

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Own the popular Mitzi for less!

The oh-so-cute Mitzi clitoral vibrator had us from the day she graced our online store, and for a limited time, we want to share her for a limited, special offer price!

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A party you're all invited to...

This week, why not treat yourself to a little extra fun this party season for only £20.00? Have your friends asking why you're so happy to be at the office Christmas party with the stunning yet naughty Vibrating Panty Play from the guys at Tantus.

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September Sex Toy Review of the Month WINNER!!

As the days start to grow shorter and the leaves begin to fall, nature is gradually pushing us back inside for the Winter. Not that this bothers us here at Sextoys.co.uk, all this means is more time to play!! And who better to play than our Vibe Forum community members who enjoy writing their opinions about the toys they buy and try.

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Friday Offer: Pleasure of Grandiose Proportion

Vibe Therapy's Grandiose is a rabbit style vibrator which looks almost aquatic in its design influence, with its wave-like shaft coming to a break at the point of the clitoral massager.

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The Pinnacle of Pleasure for Over half Price!

Another week, another fantastic offer! And what better than treating yourself this bank holiday weekend?

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Pleasure in the palm of your hand

It's not often that we release a Lelo Offer, but when we do, boy is it worth shouting about!