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Where's Dildo?

We've all done it. Spent hours pouring over the minutiae illustrations of Where's Wally (or Where's Waldo if you're state-side), looking for his little bobble hats and the Wizard Whitebeard's scrolls...Well prepare for a new interpretation that is bound to appeal to your now grown up, and probably comically perverse mind...

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From Dating to Dirty: '30 Dates' Blogger Explores Sex Toys

We often talk about couples and sex toys on The Vibe blog and how good they are to strengthen relationships...What we don't often cover is how to even be in a relationship in the first place! That's why we've teamed up with blogger Charly Lester, owner and creator of 3odatesblog.com to make sure that our sassy and single customers are clued up when it comes to pleasure.

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July Seal of Approval - Incendiaire's Reviews

Hot off the press and amongst the masses, we have found a fiery gem - Incendiaire's Reviews.

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Midnight Boudoir gets our Seal Of Approval!

Being a community member at Sextoys.co.uk has its benefits as many of our members will tell you; there's product testing, inside industry news, competitions, games and endless like-minded conversation to be had, not to mention the chance to rub shoulders with some big names in the Sex Toy Testing arena. Forums like ours have seen many creative, diverse and talented people nurture and hone their skills from humble beginnings to eventually reaping the reward of high-traffic blogs and websites with sponsors falling at their feet!

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Intern Blog - No3!

A lot has gone on since I’ve last blogged about being at Sextoys.co.uk HQ!

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Intern Blog - No1!

03/08/2012 Arriving at Sextoys HQ about an hour before my start time – I overestimated the journey to say the least - I was excited to start as the first public relations (pr) intern at sextoys.co.uk!

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Busy New-Bee!

It's Friday again in the Sextoys HQ and another jam-packed week of learning, creating, writing, researching and meeting has flown by!