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Lose weight, gain your libido!

It's January and let's face it, most of us have piled on the pounds.

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A World Cup win 'better than sex'

It seems that the euphoria of a World Cup win would be better than sex for many men across the country.

According to the Mirror newspaper, a survey by milkshake brand Frijj has revealed that 12 per cent of guys would go without sex for a whole year if it meant England could win the football tournament.

And it's not just their partners they would turn down in favour of lifting the trophy. Some 51 per cent said they would prefer a victory for their national team than a night of passion with FHM's sexiest woman Cheryl Cole.

One-third of the guys said they would happily do the housework for 12 months for an England win, while 14 per cent said they'd grow a mullet like former footballer Chris Waddle.

But before women start feeling put out over the idea that their partners would rather see their team win than have sex, they should perhaps know that, according to a survey by Kellogg's, one-fifth of girls would give up nookie before chocolate.

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Expert offers better sex life tips

A recent survey showed that 83 per cent of UK women are too tired to enjoy regular sex, so it's just as well that expert Dr Pam Spurr is on hand to offer some advice on how to spice things up.

Writing in the Sun newspaper, the author of How to be a Happy Human said there are a number of steps couples can take to put the spark back into their relationship.

First of all, forget foreplay and indulge in a little before-play to get you in the mood, she advised.

This could include anything from cuddles on the sofa and the doling out of compliments to a full-blown evening of candles, music and takeaway.

"Men respond to straight-talking so tell him that feeling appreciated and loved-up gets you in the mood for proper foreplay," Dr Spurr stated.

She also suggested having a sexy shower together or getting "rude with food" to add a little variety to your usual bedroom routine.

Finally, she recommended keeping a "pleasure pack" in the bedside cabinet containing everything from sex toys to massage oils and a blindfold.

Having everything to hand will ensure you're ready for action when the mood strikes.

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Chocolate 'better than sex'

Women are known for their love affair with chocolate, but is it really better than sex? Apparently so, if a new survey is anything to go by.

According to the Daily Express, the research, carried out by cereal bar brand Fibre Plus, showed that more than one in five women would give up nookie before they renounced chocolate.

One-third said they daydream about the sweet stuff, but only 18 per cent said they think about sex during the day.

Men don't seem to share this fascination. Just 11 per cent have chocolate on their minds most days, whereas 60 per cent regularly contemplate sex.

Commenting on the findings, Fibre Plus spokeswoman Sally Tribe said: "Women turn to chocolate for comfort, or to cheer themselves up. For many, it never disappoints."

So guys, the solution? Simply grab some chocolate body paint and turn yourself into a human chocolate bar to tempt your lady. Problem solved.

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Cuddles and kisses 'better than sex'

You've finally got time for a quiet night in with your other half, so how do you spend your evening?

Do you hot step it to the bedroom to enjoy some sizzling action between the sheets, or do you cuddle up on the sofa and watch Eastenders?

Apparently more than half of UK couples would prefer the latter option, the Daily Mail reported.

A survey by healthcare firm Bayer showed that while 98 per cent of people think sex is important in a relationship, 53 per cent would rather spend time kissing and cuddling.

When asked what was holding them back, 88 per cent cited stress, tiredness and arguments, while 51 per cent blamed social networking websites for their lack of physical intimacy.

Earlier this year, a survey by the Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine revealed that the average married couple in the UK has intercourse nine times a month.

Some 22 per cent of women said they were very happy with their sex lives, compared to 16 per cent of men.

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Is a good cuppa better than sex?

Many would beg to differ, but the makers of Yorkshire Tea are claiming that a good cuppa is better than sex.

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Fitting into old jeans 'better than sex'

More than one in four women think the thrill of fitting into an old pair of jeans again would be better than sex.

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Frequent sex better for middle aged men

Men in their 50s should try to have sex three times a week to protect themselves against prostate cancer.

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Vibrators linked to better health

Good news girls - using a vibrator is good for you! According to research carried out by Indiana University, use of sex toys is linked to better sexual health.