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The one thing you must never forget about anal toys

What do anal toys have in common with aeroplanes? Well, the people who design and manufacture then have to remember one vital golden rule:

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Give sex toys for Christmas!

T’is the season for giving and what better gift than the gift of great sex! Between friends, family and work colleagues I usually have quite a lot of pressies to buy. Occasionally I get someone one big present, but my preference is to put together individual gift packages with lots of little goodies.

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Sex toys for men

A recent chat with a male friend of mine got me thinking about sex toys for men. This friend of mine is a pretty smart guy and fairly open about sex and sexuality, yet he didn’t realize how many sex toys there were out there for men. Apart from a few BDSM tools, he thought that ‘sex toys’ was synonymous with dildo or vibrator, mainly with women in mind.

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The bottom line

Whether you’re an ass fetishist or it’s mostly a no-go area, your bottom has all sorts of delicious erotic possibilities. Culturally we give our bums quite a lot of attention: Does my bum look big in this? S/he’s a nice piece of ass. What an arsehole! (obviously *not* meant as a compliment!) Kiss my ass (ok, that one is a bit American)