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​Bucket list sex toys: what's on your list?

There are some sex toys that only last about five minutes on my wish list before either I or my partner buys them. Furry tail butt plugs, for instance, press his 'hot' buttons as well as mine, so it didn't take long from 'ooh that looks nice' to a package arriving – discreetly wrapped – in the post. Other sex toys, however, require anticipation: either allowing me time to persuade my other half that he really wants to try them with me, or a little extra money, or both.

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Which Sex Toys Should You Take On A Sexy Holiday?

Recently, the fabulous company Desire Cruises got in touch with us to tell us about their latest cruise - one where the main entertainment is - you guessed it - sex! Obviously it is right up my alley, and I am currently trying to persuade my other half that we definitely need to attend. It's got play rooms, clothes-optional swimming and jacuzzi areas, nightly entertainment that includes burlesque and dress-up... oh and the itinerary takes in some beautiful sunny spots. So hotter (in every sense) than any sexy trip you could take in the UK.

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​Four things to ignore this bank holiday in favour of having sex

For horny layabouts like myself, Bank Holidays are an excellent opportunity to relax, get naked, and catch up on all the sex you were too tired for during the average working week. Unfortunately, lots of other things tend to get in the way. So for those of you who want a hot bank holiday (in more than one sense), here's how to get out of those annoying Bank Holiday obligations and give yourself more time for getting dirty...

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​Everything you need to know about Tenga eggs before Easter

Easter isn't just about Creme Eggs, you know, it is also an opportunity to get your hands on some Tenga eggs, which are far more intriguing - albeit less delicious when you stick your tongue inside. Because Tenga is one of my lifelong loves, I wanted to give you the lowdown on an Easter gift that is way more fun than anything Cadbury could dream up...

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​Should companies offer 'sex breaks' at work?

This could be a really short blog post. I mean, how long does it take to type 'yes please I would like a sex break at work'? Three seconds. There. But there's a bit more to it than that – let's examine this suggestion, which came from a Swedish politician, and how it could benefit you.

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​How To Do Valentine's Day Without Breaking The Bank

The problem with Valentine's Day is that it always falls halfway through the month, which means that if you're looking for last-minute gifts, payday seems a long way away. There are two ways to deal with this problem: first, be organised. Second, find bargains. I'm here to help you do both.

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What's the ideal penis size?

Is big beautiful? Or is it better to be small and perfectly formed?

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All the places you're not allowed to say 'vagina'

What's the most offensive word you can think of? Probably a C-bomb, right? But the 'V' word is getting a surprising amount of flak at the moment...

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Valentine's treats - for both of you

One of my bugbears about Valentines Day is that it's so often assumed that guys buy things for girls, while we women just sit back and rake in the roses and chocolates. Well, here's a gift guide with a selection for everyone...

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People who had a worse Christmas than you...

How was your Christmas? If you had a mediocre, or even a boring one, we've got a bit of Scaudenfreude and a hell of a great deal to cheer you up...