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​Bucket list sex toys: what's on your list?

There are some sex toys that only last about five minutes on my wish list before either I or my partner buys them. Furry tail butt plugs, for instance, press his 'hot' buttons as well as mine, so it didn't take long from 'ooh that looks nice' to a package arriving – discreetly wrapped – in the post. Other sex toys, however, require anticipation: either allowing me time to persuade my other half that he really wants to try them with me, or a little extra money, or both.

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Furry tail butt plugs are my new obsession...

In 1999 the Bloodhound Gang expressed a desire to 'do it like they do on the Discovery Channel', and now thanks to furry tail butt plugs you can bring a bit of that animal excitement into your bedroom. But what is it that makes tail butt plugs so hot?

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Everything you need to know about Sliquid lube

Choosing a lube is like choosing a bar of chocolate: you know you definitely want something, but dammit all the options look so good it's impossible to decide on just one. Sliquid lube is exactly like this, because there are so many different varieties, all of which look equally excellent. But don't panic – I am here to talk you through some of the options, so you can make sure you get the right one for you.

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This masturbation technique totally sucks...

I know of a few gentlemen who, in a misguided attempt to recreate the exquisite sensation of a blow job, have accidentally ended up in painful or embarrassing situations. If you want a wank that really sucks (in a good way), avoid making their mistakes, and get something that'll do the job properly...

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BREAKING: Now you can literally eat your own pussy

Have you ever thought 'masturbating with amazing sex toys is all well and good, but what I would really like to do is eat my own pussy'? Have you longed for a day when you could cast an exact replica of your vulva out of chocolate and then gorge on it like some kind of X-rated Easter bunny? Well the wait is over and that day has finally come! Allow me to present: the clone-a-pussy chocolate kit.

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Three unique anal sex toys you may not have tried yet

Anal sex toys are one of my favourite things to collect. Not only is it handy to have a variety of different sizes and shapes of butt plug (because everyone's butt-related tolerance is different), but also because if guys are a little nervous or unsure about anal play, sometimes just showing them a rainbow of different anal toy possibilities gets them hot under the collar. Anal play isn't all giant dildos and fisting – despite some people's misconceptions that 'anal sex' equals 'extreme.' If it only ever meant hardcore stretching and pounding I'd probably never have fallen in love with anal play. As it is, lots of early encounters with smaller objects, vibrating anal toys, and lubed-up fingers ensured I fell in love with butt stuff and that love will last a lifetime.

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Sexy underwear: top picks, and a few sex tips...

Having told you last week that you can absolutely have too much of a good thing, I'm going to completely contradict myself this week and name one thing that I, personally, don't think I can ever have too much of: underwear. Sexy bras, comfortable knickers, and every single thing in between. Let's have a look at some of the hottest corsets, thongs and other lingerie that would sit pretty nicely in your underwear drawer.

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​Intro to electrosex – the weirdest shag you didn't know you could have

Recently, I ran electric current through my junk and then had sex with my partner. In isolation, that sounds like a bizarre and – frankly – torturous thing to do. But when you know a bit more about electrosex, you'll understand why it was so incredible. Let me tell you about ElectraStim.

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Strapless strap-ons: what are they and how do you use them?

It sounds like an oxymoron, but strapless strap-ons are definitely A Thing. Designed to provide delicious sensations to both the giver and the receiver, these unique toys are well worth a try if you're a fan of pegging. But how the hell do you use them? Allow me to explain...

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Stocking fillers and sexy Christmas gifts – there's still time to order!

It's getting near – your advent calendar is half empty, you've probably had at least one too many mulled wines at a Christmas party, and Christmas day is nearly upon you. But if you're still stuck on sexy Christmas gifts to buy for your partner, we've got you covered. Check out our sexy Christmas gift ideas and get all the info on last order dates to make sure they get there in time.