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Snogging, flirting, porn: what exactly 'counts' as cheating?

What counts as 'cheating' to you and your partner? The definition is going to depend on the kind of relationship you have, and what your agreed boundaries are (if you have any!). But thanks to results of a survey this week released by relationship counselling charity Relate, we can have a dig into what other people consider 'cheating', and how the definition might be changing across the generations...

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Which Sex Toys Should You Take On A Sexy Holiday?

Recently, the fabulous company Desire Cruises got in touch with us to tell us about their latest cruise - one where the main entertainment is - you guessed it - sex! Obviously it is right up my alley, and I am currently trying to persuade my other half that we definitely need to attend. It's got play rooms, clothes-optional swimming and jacuzzi areas, nightly entertainment that includes burlesque and dress-up... oh and the itinerary takes in some beautiful sunny spots. So hotter (in every sense) than any sexy trip you could take in the UK.

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​Four things to ignore this bank holiday in favour of having sex

For horny layabouts like myself, Bank Holidays are an excellent opportunity to relax, get naked, and catch up on all the sex you were too tired for during the average working week. Unfortunately, lots of other things tend to get in the way. So for those of you who want a hot bank holiday (in more than one sense), here's how to get out of those annoying Bank Holiday obligations and give yourself more time for getting dirty...

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​Apparently we're having less sex than we used to... PANIC

It's broadly accepted, in much of the mainstream media, that when it comes to shagging you can never have too much of a good thing. So initial reports this week that people are having less sex than we did 20 years ago might give you cause for alarm. Don't worry, though, I am here to calm your worried, potentially sex-starved mind.

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It's good to talk: getting better at communicating in bed

One of the most frequently asked questions of a sex blogger (well, of this sex blogger at any rate) is 'how do I get my partner to do this thing in bed?' People with kinks or fantasies that they'd like to share often struggle to broach the subject, worried that their partner might be shocked. And even non-kinky people often want to know how to give their partner direction in bed – showing them what's pleasurable and what isn't without risking hurting their feelings.

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​How To Do Valentine's Day Without Breaking The Bank

The problem with Valentine's Day is that it always falls halfway through the month, which means that if you're looking for last-minute gifts, payday seems a long way away. There are two ways to deal with this problem: first, be organised. Second, find bargains. I'm here to help you do both.

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3 different kinds of sexy surprise - and how to pull them off

What makes the perfect sexy surprise? Timing is definitely key – you don't want to surprise someone with a romantic, candlelit bedroom if they got home from work so tired they just want to fall asleep. Nor do you want to send a saucy snap when they're in the middle of a family outing.

On top of timing, you've got to pick something that they'll actually like: the most surprising sexy gifts have to be ones that speak to their fantasies as well as yours. It can be tricky. But feel free to learn from my occasional successes and all-too-frequent mistakes: here's my guide on sexy surprises.

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Channel 4's Sex Box: what would you learn?

When Channel 4 first announced that they'd get couples to have sex on live telly, this was definitely not what I thought would happen...

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Which are the best rooms in the house to have sex in?

Sometimes you simply can't wait to get to the bedroom before you tear each other's clothes off. That's why I'm unsurprised by the results of this sex survey. But are there stranger places to have sex...?

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How to have the best single Valentine's Day

Today's guest blogger is HornyGeekGirl, and she's got some amazing Valentine's Day film, book, and sex toy recommendations. The best news? You don't have to share them with anyone but yourself...