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What's your sex toy style?

I'll admit it - I'm a price-conscious person (read: cheapskate) so one of the key factors when I'm buying sex toys is whether or not I feel I've bagged a bargain. But coming a close second is the sense of style - I'd rarely buy something that I don't feel 'fits' my personality - I want my toys goth-looking, hardcore, and scary. I promise it's not just me - I chatted to sex toy blogger Little Spoon to find out why style is just so sexy.

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Erotic writer KD Grace visits!

We recently had the privilege to welcome renowned author KD Grace here at! KD Grace is an established erotica writer that has also had work published by the quite frankly hotter than ever Xcite books.

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Guest Blog: Ms Diamonds answers your questions!

This week our guest blog post comes from the fabulous Ms Diamonds from The Vibe. With an impressive personal sex toy collection (check it out at her blog here) and many years experience as a customer and shopper, we put a few of our customer questions to her to find out her opinion...

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Warehouse Manager Of

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to work in a warehouse full of sex toys?  You have?  Great, because we've caught up with Dave Jordan, our very own Warehouse Manager to find out.