Best Selling Male Sex Toys


Here we will discuss the best selling sex toys for men according to our sales figures. These range from male masturbators to male anal sex toys, so take a look at our best selling sex toys for men:

1. Loving Joy Real Feel Pleasure Pocket Pussy – £12.95

Loving Joy Pleasure Stroker Realistic VaginaThe Loving Joy Real Feel Pleasure Pock Pussy has been one of our best selling male masturbation toys since its release. This stroker is perfect for solo male masturbation, and is extremely easy to use.

Using this top male masturbation toy is easy, simply grip the toy with your hands and then put your penis into the hole. Remember when using male masturbators always use lubricant, and then clean after use with toy cleaner or warm soapy water.

You can buy you Loving Joy Real Feel Pleasure Pocket Pussy today for only £12.95!





2. Loving Joy Boss Textured Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop – £14.95

The loving joy penis extension sleeve with ball loop is the perfect way to quickly increase the size of your penis. The sleeve will increase the total length of your penis by 3 inches, and can even increase the shaft’s girth by up to 25%!

To use this penis extension simply slide your member into the sleeve with a little bit of lubricant and then put your balls into the ring, that is designed to hold the extension in place.

You can buy the Loving Joy Mighty Penis Extension with Ball Loop today for only £14.95!





3. Loving Joy Cock Ring Set (3 Pack) – £3.95

Loving Joy Penis Ring SetThis Loving Joy Cock Ring Set will turn your penis into a rock hard sex machine! The set includes three cock rings, so wear one around the corona of the glans of the penis, one further down the shaft of the penis, and put one around the testicles for the ultimate experience!

Cock rings are designed to trap blood inside the penis in order to maintain an erection, or give a firmer, stronger hard on.

Grab your set of three cock rings today, and prolong your erections for only £3.95!






4. Zuyosa Sexual Performance Enhancer for Men 4 Pack – £19.95

Zuyosa Sexual Performance Enhancer for Men 4 Pack is designed to strengthen erections, and can also help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Zuyosa is a natural sexual enhancement product that is made from MHRA approved ingredients.

This product is specifically formulated with a mix of natural herb, plant and minerals renowned for their aphrodisiac qualities to help intensify desire and increase vitality.

Buy Zuyosa Sexual Performance Enhancer today for only £19.95!





5. Secret Swag Bag for Men – £24.95

Massive Savings On ProductsSex Toys Secret Swag Bag for Men is our most highly reviewed product in our sex toy marketplace! The Secret Swag Bags are compiled of various different sex toys. The sex toys secret swag bag for men usually consists of at least £50 worth of goods, but only costs you £24.95.

The Secret Swag Bag for Men can contain anything from a male vibrator, male masturbation toy, lubricant, or even a penis extension sleeve!

Shop the Sex Toys Secret Swag Bag for Men today for only £24.95 – and get your hands on some great selling male sex toys for half the price!







6. Loving Joy Real Feel Pocket Pussy – £12.95

Loving Joy Real Feel Male MasturbatorThe Loving Joy Real Feel Pocket Pussy is similar to our other male masturbators in the real feel range, however this one features a more exposed vulva. This pocket pussy is perfect for solo masturbation, is extremely easy to use, and even easier to clean!

This artificial vagina has internal ribbing for added stimulation. The reusable male masturbator is made from a life like TPE, giving the user an incredibly realistic experience! Remember when using male masturbation toys always use plenty of lubricant!

Shop the Loving Joy Real Feel Pocket Pussy today for only £12.95






7. Sliquid Ride Rock Delay Spray – £12.95

If you are looking for a male sexual enhancement product then look no further! The Sliquid Ride Rock Delay Spray is our best selling delay spray, and can help the user to prevent premature ejaculation, or increase their sexual activity.

It is made in the USA from a purified water based formula, and is infused with organically sourced plant cellulose that are known for their delay properties.

Shop the Sliquid Ride Rock Delay Spray today for only £12.95!





8. Classic Prostate Massager – £8.95

This is our best selling prostate massager, the simple and effective prostate massager is easy to use and can be used hands free!

Prostate massagers are used to for sexual stimulation, and some men can reach orgasm by only prostate stimulation alone.

Shop the Classic Prostate Massager today for only £8.95!







9. Penis Enlarger Pump – £13.95

Our best selling Penis Pump is incredibly easy to use. Simply squeeze the bulb repeatably to increase the pressure inside the vacuum, which in turn draws blood to the penis, which can give the user a stronger bigger erection. Once you have reached your desired size click the quick release button next to the bulb to release the air pressure.

Penis pumps can help to treat erectile dysfunction when used repeatably . Please note stop using and pumping before the air pressure becomes too high.

Shop our best selling Penis Pump today for only £13.95!





10. REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator – £106.00

The REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator is our best selling male masturbation machine. This hands free male masturbator is our most popular auto-fellatio device. The REV1000 features a sleeve that has raised nodules providing stimulation to the tip of the users penis. This masturbation device offers 36 different functions and is sure to bring you to orgasm!

Feel free to ejaculate inside this masturbation aid as cleaning is a breeze! Simply unscrew the cap and remove the inner tube and rinse with toy cleaner or warm soapy water! Remember to always use personal lubricant or masturbation cream with this male masturbation toy!

Buy the REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator today for only £106.00!





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