What should I buy myself for Christmas?

Dear Rebecca,

I don’t really like vibrators much, but would love to buy myself a naughty little something for Christmas. Is there something else you would recommend?



Hi Kim,

Thank you for your email. Vibrators aren’t for everyone. They can make some people numb or might just not be the sensation that works for you. Fortunately there are many other sex toys out there that might float your boat! Here are some suggestions for you:

Glass dildos – Personally, I am a huge fan of glass dildos. They look great and more importantly, they feel great. My favourite is the Spectrum Nubby Textured Glass Dildo. You might also like the amazing Crystal Premium Glass Kegel. It helps keep your pelvic floor muscles toned as well as being versatile enough to use for stimulation both vaginally and anally.

Anal beadsAnal beads are a great way to add extra zing to your orgasm! Take your time slowly inserting them and enjoying all the anal pleasure they give, then continue pleasuring yourself towards orgasm. As you feel yourself starting to explode, pull the anal beads out and feel your orgasm blow your mind!

Lust fingers – These cute little ‘sleeves’ slip over your fingers to bring extra sensations to your self-pleasuring. Use them on your clitoris or for added pleasure fingering your vagina.

Hope you find the perfect sexy present for yourself!

With love,


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