We want to tie each other up

Dear Rebecca,

My girlfriend and I would like to try tying each other up and some other light bondage but have no idea where to start? Please could you give us a few pointers? We know we’ll love it once we try it, just want to have a little understanding of what we’re doing first.

Thank you,


Hi James,

Thank you for your email. Bondage can add some deeply erotic juice to your sexual adventures. There are lots of ways to tie someone up and it’s great that you’re seeking advice first. There are just a few things to know to make sure you keep it safe.

As you’ve probably seen on our site, there are lots of ways to restrain someone. There’s rope, handcuffs, bondage tape and lots of other ways too. I’d recommend you have a look at a few different options and see what you’re both drawn to. Think about what you both like and what sort of scene you want to play out.

Bondage Rope is very sensual and also strong. Shibari, the art of Japanese rope bondage shows some of the beautiful and sexy ways rope can be used. If that interests you, I’d recommend you take a class or workshop to learn more fully what you can do with rope.

Handcuffs are easy to use and quite versatile. Some of them come with metal O-rings that allow you to attach them to furniture, bedposts or wherever you like.

Bondage tape is very versatile, can be quick and easy and also looks hot!

There are a few things to be aware of to keep your bondage play safe. Think about the position you are putting your partner in. Some positions are only comfortable for a short time. Be aware of any physical complaints like a bad knee or shoulder.

Practice tying on yourself first so you get a feel for how tight is too tight. You want to restrain your partner, not cut off their circulation. If you’re tying up wrists, arms or even legs, be sure to check the temperature and colour of your partner’s fingers and toes regularly. If they go cold or start changing colour, untie them. Don’t tie anything around their throat.

If you’re using something like rope, tape or even something from home like scarves or ties, make sure you have a pair of bondage scissors nearby. These are like medical scissors that allow you to cut through something quickly and safely if necessary. You want to make sure you can release your partner in case of any emergency.

Most of all play with different ways to see what you like. Get to know your preferred ways of restraining each other and then have fun creating fantasies or role play situations that use them.

With love,



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