Single on Valentine’s Day…

Dear Rebecca,

My boyfriend and I broke up over Christmas and I’m now really dreading Valentine’s Day. I could try to get a date, but am not really feeling up to it. Have you got any ideas for how to save the day?



Hi Ella,

Sorry to hear about your break up over Christmas. Valentine’s Day can be really romantic and you don’t need to have a partner to enjoy it. It can be deeply empowering to recognize and honour the ‘inner Beloved’. It may sound a bit mushy or airy fairy, but it really is up to each of us to nurture and love ourselves and not be dependant on that coming from the outside. Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate your own inner lover.

What would your ideal Valentine’s Day be like? Let your imagination run wild and when you have a good idea of how it would be, start making plans to treat yourself, as you’ve always wanted to be treated. You could prepare a delicious meal with all your favourite foods, take yourself dancing or buy yourself a huge box of chocolates and some gorgeous flowers. How about treating yourself to a massage? You could even treat yourself to some sexy new toys and have a whole night of fun being your own best lover!

If you really don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day on your own you could invite a few friends round for dinner, films or just hang out and be together.

With love and delight,


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