Should I shave down there?

Dear Rebecca,

My boyfriend wants me to grow some pubic hair but I prefer it shaved. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to look? I’m too shy to ask my girlfriends what they do with their pubic hair. What do most people do?



Hi Tracy,

Thank you for your email. It really is a matter of opinion, comfort and what turns you on. Historically, different cultures have had diverse preferences for shaved genitals or those with hair.  Whether for religious, aesthetic or in some regions, hygienic reasons, the trend for pubic shaving has shifted back and forth over the years. In the west, the most recent trend for having a shaved pubic area started in the 80’s. Porn directors thought it would be better or more erotic for men to see the flesh behind the hair. Since the internet was also growing at that time, more people than ever had access to porn and were influenced by what they saw.

Some urban myths suggest that pubic hair is dirty or unhygienic, but that is not true. It is generally believed that we have pubic hair to trap the scent of pheromones so that potential ‘mates’ are attracted to us. Some researchers say that we have pubic hair to help keep the region clean from dirt and germs (like with any other area of concentrated hair growth).

There are a lot of debates about what is ‘right or wrong’, but the truth is that there is no right or wrong for this issue, just what feels right to you. You could always try different ‘styles’ to see if you can find one that both you and your boyfriend like. Perhaps you could go for a ‘runway’ look or shave the labia and leave some hair just above your clitoris. For a bit of fun you could try these Betty Charmcil Shapes or the Betty Colour Kits. Ultimately you have to do what feels right for you. Have fun playing with new looks!


With love and delight,



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