She won’t swallow

Hi Rebecca,

I love it when my girlfriend gives me a blowjob, she’s really good at it and seems to enjoy it. The thing is that she very rarely swallows and I think it would be really sexy if she did.  I’ve hinted but she doesn’t seem very keen. Is there any way I can convince her to try it?






Hi Tom,

Thanks for your letter. There are several reasons why a woman might not like the idea of swallowing.   Sometimes they don’t know it’s safe to, they might not like the taste or it feels too intimate.

I’d suggest to talk openly with her. Firstly let her know that you love her blowjobs and tell her how sexy, loving and intimate it would feel if she swallowed.

If she’s worried about how it will feel in her mouth, sometimes semen can taste salty or bitter or have a strange texture, the good news is that there are things you can do about that. The taste of your semen is directly related to what you put in your body. Cut out toxins such as cigarettes and alcohol. Eat less meat, sugar and salt and add in lots of fresh vegetable and fruit. Drinking lots of fresh water also helps. Not only will she be more likely to enjoy the taste, you get healthier too!

Another way to go is to ask her what you can do for her sexually. Give her lots of attention and let her know that you’re willing to try new things too. Make sure she feels really loved and cared for.

There are also products you can use which detract from any taste.  Blow Job drops not only add flavour for her – they also add a stimulating tingly feeling for you!

Ultimately though, don’t force it. Let her know how you feel, do what you can to make it taste good for her and see what happens. If she really doesn’t want to, there are plenty of other things for you to explore together.


With love and delight,



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